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My name is Serena Harris and I love learning about the different varieties of Goldfish. I also enjoy taking care of my goldfish and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

Types of Goldfish – Which Are Pond Fish?

There are so many types of goldfish it can be difficult to choose which goldfish to take home. You may like the most colorful or prettiest but it’s helpful to research the different varieties to understand the major differences. If you’re planning a pond it’s important to know which varieties of goldfish make ideal pond fish. The different varieties of goldfish each come with their own characteristics and challenges. Understanding the challenges can make a big difference in the final … Read more

Goldfish Bowl – Is A Bowl An Easy Way To Care For A Goldfish?

Goldfish Bowl - How To Take Care Of Goldfish

When purchasing their first goldfish, some people decide to buy a goldfish bowl to house the fish. A bowl is generally a less expensive option than a fish tank, and it may seem like an easier way to take care of the fish instead of purchasing a large tank. In reality, it is not as easy as putting the fish in the bowl and watching it swim. Goldfish need room to swim  Unless the bowl is very large, there is … Read more

Goldfish Aquariums – Maintaining an Aquarium

Goldfish Aquariums - Goldfish Care

Goldfish are coldwater fish and creating a healthy environment for them to thrive is not too difficult. Problems occur in goldfish aquariums when you fail to maintain their tanks properly. The problem can sometimes be resolved by cleaning the aquarium or adding a product to the water to kill the disease or parasites. Properly maintaining the aquarium will help ensure goldfish stay healthy and happy. Aquarium maintenance tips If planning to house 3-4 goldfish it’s necessary to look at goldfish … Read more

Fantail Goldfish Fin Turning Black

The issue of  the fantail fins turning black is quite common. It may be cause for alarm, or it may be completely harmless. It’s distressing when you think your goldfish is turning black, but important to note any changes in behavior and eating habits of the goldfish. Major changes in normal habits along with the changing color can be a sign of a serious problem. In most cases, the black color is a sign the healing process has already begun, … Read more

Why Is My Goldfish Dying? Keeping Goldfish Healthy

Many people have experienced the death of a goldfish at some point in their lives. The idea of bringing a goldfish home from the fair in a goldfish bowl, feeding it, and expecting it to live only a short period before having to flush the poor goldfish down the toilet is outdated. Most people now know, or should know, goldfish that are properly cared for can live for many years. A child may not ever have to experience the heartbreak … Read more