Goldfish Know How To Win Popularity Contests

Goldfish popularity A common perception we have of goldfish is of them swimming contentedly in a little bowl. Their popularity is undisputed. Their personalities have been explored and characters presented in numerous cartoons and comic strips; characters like those appearing in ‘Garfield’, ‘Chicken Little’, ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘The Cat in the Hat’. They’ve starred in animated movies, for example ‘Chloe the goldfish’ in the classic children’s movie ‘Pinocchio’. They’ve been kept by English Prime Ministers – in fact they are… Read more

Goldfish racing for Australia Day: where else but Queensland?

Queensland Goldfish Racing

SUBCULTURE SLEUTH (IN OZ) | This Australia Day, our sleuth is taking a break from trying to decipher the eclectic subcultures of the UK to take a look at the curiosities and quirks we’ve left behind back in Oz. As we saw during the Diamond Jubilee last year, the British typically celebrate their national holidays with a high degree of pomp and circumstance. There will be a carriage drawn parade down Whitehall, a flotilla down the Thames heralded by trumpets,… Read more

Taking Care of Goldfish When It Comes to Sleep

Taking Care of Goldfish

When taking care of goldfish many think of feeding, housing and keeping their tank clean. Those are all very important aspects of taking care of your fish but there other points that must not be ignored in order to raise healthy and happy goldfish. This article will focus on a much smaller fact. Taking care of goldfish is really not so hard when you think about what they actually need to stay in top notch shape. Humans need food, exercise,… Read more