Aqueon Water Conditioner: Why Using It Is A Great Idea!

water conditioner

What is water conditioner? Water Conditioner helps you to maintain the healthiest environment for your aquatic pets. 4 reasons why it’s so important The conditioner instantly neutralizes choline and chloramines, typically found in tap water It makes tap water safe for fish in restoring their natural slime coat to skin and gills. This can be worn away from netting and transporting your fish. It helps reduce stress in fish as they become familiar with their new environment. Water Conditioner also… Read more

Beckett Pumps For Your Aquarium Practically Runs Itself!

Beckett Pumps Are The Best

Product Review – Beckett Pumps Beckett pumps are based on the technology of wet bearing or wet rotor. These pumps are efficient in terms of energy and can handle large-sized particles. Bear in mind that there are certain factors that you have to consider when purchasing a pump for your aquarium. Firstly, remember that water pumps should work around the clock and not shut down at anytime. To ensure this, you have to purchase a pump that is reliable and… Read more

Why Air Hoses In Aquariums Are A Good Idea!

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Unlike humans fish breathe in water. Why?  Because water is the easiest way of delivering air to them. So do goldfish, or fish in general, breathe air?  Yes, but not directly into the lungs as mammals do (except for some tropical fish – they breathe oxygen not air.) Gills in fish are the same as lungs in humans. Gills contain a network of fine blood vessels (capillaries) that take up the oxygen and diffuse it through the membranes. As water… Read more

What Should You Know About A Tank Stand

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An aquarium on an attractive tank stand with colorful fish adds something special to any area of your home. It can make any room in the home look fresh and new. Many people think water kept in the house, in any form, brings good luck and good health to the people living in the house. 3 things you need to consider when buying a tank stand 1. Generally aquarium stands come in 2 types: open stand and closed stands An… Read more

Java Fern – A Welcome Addition To Your Pond Or Aquarium!

Microsorum pteropus

The Java Fern, or Microsorum pteropus to give its proper scientific name, is often considered to be a collective term for a huge variety of plants. In truth, the java fern is one single species of aquatic plants. However, because of the sheer variety of shapes and sizes that are found in the leaves of the fern, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. This is a species of plant where each individual specimen can look completely different to all… Read more