Are Artificial Plants And Flowers Better Than Live Plants For Your Goldfish?

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Goldfish plant care takes a little decision making. Whether to decorate your aquarium with live plants or artificial plants and flowers?  If you want your goldfish to live fun, happy lives then you need to provide them with a great atmosphere. Do you enjoy nice decorations in your home? Well, so do goldfish and you’ll notice your fish interact with them quite quickly. Fish experts all agree goldfish are not kind to living plants. Goldfish tend to snack on living… Read more

Why Is Pea Gravel The Best Gravel For Your Goldfish Tanks?

One of our readers recently asked about Pea Gravel, so I thought I’d take the time to explain what it is and why it’s good to have gravel in your tanks and aquariums. About Pea Gravel This type of pebble has rounded edges and the smallest pebbles have a size of around 4 millimeters. They have a number of uses including decorating fish tanks. I personally like these rocks because they add dimension and appeal in an otherwise dull environment.… Read more

Aquarium Filtration – Why Is It So Important?

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Aquarium goldfish care includes a process known as filtration. Good filtration aids in attaining excellent water circulation as well as aeration. What is filtration and why is it important? Filtration is the general cleansing process of a contained body of water. In nature, filtration is accomplished in several ways. For example, in a body of water the current will steadily carry unwanted materials downstream. Moreover, large amounts of other life forms occupying the waters also help ensure lakes and rivers… Read more

How to Take Care of Goldfish: Selecting an Aquarium

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Here are a few tips to consider when you’re buying an aquarium. The right materials will make all the difference when it comes to housing your new little family members. Options to consider when buying an aquarium In the past, aquariums were often made from synthetic compounds such as plexiglass. These inferior materials were often used to keep cost low, but they scratched easily and become yellow with use. Better acrylics are now available. However to purchase an aquarium that… Read more

Goldfish Tanks – The Importance of Choosing The Right Tank!

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Choosing the proper goldfish tank is just as important as choosing the actual goldfish. There are many different aquariums available and understanding which tank is best can make a big difference to the health of a goldfish. Why size of the goldfish tank is important To keep a goldfish healthy and happy, they need a clean environment with plenty of room to grow. To the surprise of many people, a 10 to 20 gallon goldfish tank is really only sufficient… Read more