Why Add Pure Liquid Chlorophyll To Your Goldfish Diet?

Liquid Chlorophyll Has Many Benefits

You should consider adding pure liquid chlorophyll to the diet of your goldfish. Why? Quite simply there are some major similarities in the biological make-up of goldfish and that of humans. For this reason they definitely require similar nutrients for growth. And, most importantly, they share the need for chlorophyll. Just as other living creatures depend on chlorophyll for growth, so does your goldfish. If your pond doesn’t have algae and you don’t intend to grow any, you really need… Read more

Hikari Goldfish Food – Why Consider This Specialty Brand?

Hikari Gold Fish Food

By using Hikari Goldfish Food, you are assured of feeding goldfish with outstanding nutrition at all life stages of their life. Advantages of Feeding Goldfish with Hikari products This brand of food offers higher protein levels and exacting nutrient mix. It is specifically designed to offer desirable growth, coloration and form. Higher digestibility helps improve nutrient absorption. Waste output is reduced (goldfish do not have to excrete feces as often) therefore water quality issues are minimized. When used as directed,… Read more

Goldfish Food – Are Goldfish Omnivorous?

Feeding goldfish is usually viewed as a very simple task. Although this is true, providing a variety of goldfish food that is high in carbohydrates can keep goldfish healthier and living longer. Goldfish are omnivorous. This means that goldfish will eat just about anything offered to them. Even though they will eat anything, not everything is necessarily good for goldfish. It’s also easy to overfeed goldfish. They like to eat and always appear to be hungry. Keeping these issues in… Read more

What Do Goldfish Eat? The Benefits of Variety!

what do goldfish eat

Goldfish seem to act as if they are always hungry. They also tend to eat as much food as they are offered. It is up to the owner to regulate the amount of food that is given at one time, as well as the kind of food that is being offered. Many first time goldfish owners stay with the obvious choice of goldfish flakes. The flakes are readily available and they are relatively inexpensive. Goldfish owners may also have no… Read more