Just The Facts: Beginning Stages For Your Pond

Planning Your fish pond

Planning is essential when considering building a fish pond. Keep in mind that once your pond is constructed you won’t be able to move it around as you would an aquarium. Checklist for planning your fish pond design consider the appearance and size think about the materials you will use in constructing your pond how much do you want your pond to be elevated or sunken? the type of form/shape of the fish pond will the pond have plant life? … Read more

Thinking Of Building A Garden Pond?

Find A Pond Builder

Many people have a great interest in goldfish. The Koi of Japan are responsible for creating much of that interest, but not all. Goldfish owners are also very interested in this type of fresh water fish because they have the upper hand over Koi. Goldfish or Koi? Which are best suited to keeping in a garden pond Koi develop much faster than goldfish and run the risk of outgrowing the small garden pond Purchasing more goldfish for your pond is less expensive … Read more

Koi Ponds: What To Consider Before Building

Fish Pond

Many people interested in building a pond in their gardens choose to keep fish in them. Most people prefer the koi goldfish. Why choose Koi for your pond? The koi are chosen for a variety of reasons. Some people love their bright colors, while others use them for controlling insects such as mosquitoes that often breed on the surface of the pond water. In fact, many people love these fish so much that they treat them like pets and name … Read more

Pond Plants – Why Are They Beneficial?

Aquatic Plants

There are several pond plants that are beneficial to the ecosystem. Plants and water have a noteworthy growth relationship between them as they depend on each other. Aquatic pond plants, also scientifically known as hydrophytes, have unique characteristics. They have a growth trait where they grow best when submerged in clean, fresh water.  Do not confuse clean water with easy living.  Why?  Because these plants live in a highly hostile and active environment. The living environment of aquatic plants consists … Read more

Aquashade Pond Dye – What Are The Advantages Of Using This Compound?

Aquashade weed control method

There are many uses for Aquashade pond dye. The main reason for its use is to eliminate unwanted aquatic weeds from water ponds. The dye prevents sunlight from penetrating to the bottom of the water pond where unwanted weeds are growing. This hampers the growth of the plants. How it works: The shade that the dye creates in the pond traps some parts of the light spectrum that are important for the process of photosynthesis (the process through which plants … Read more