Aquashade: Who Are You And What Do You Do?

Aquashade Products

Aquashade is a combination of blue, orange and yellow dyes used in contained ponds and aquariums. Aquashade is EPA registered as a safe addition to water for the purposes of slowing down or stopping underwater weed and to control algae growth. Why should I use Aquashade? The main purpose for using aquashade is to stop the sun rays from reaching the plants and the algae by blocking out vital ultra violet rays from them. How does Aquashade control algae growth? … Read more

Why Does Your Pond Require Aerated Water?

Water Aeration

There are an abundance of living organisms in the body of water you see in your pond. Your goldfish together with plants and algae all live and feed on the different types of organisms floating in the water. All life is vitally dependent on oxygen and oxygen is essential for a healthy pond environment. In an aerated pond, a compressor is used to provide oxygen through the process of diffused aeration. According to Wikipedia, ponds for keeping aquatic animals often rely … Read more

Java Fern – A Welcome Addition To Your Pond Or Aquarium!

Microsorum pteropus

The Java Fern, or Microsorum pteropus to give its proper scientific name, is often considered to be a collective term for a huge variety of plants. In truth, the java fern is one single species of aquatic plants. However, because of the sheer variety of shapes and sizes that are found in the leaves of the fern, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. This is a species of plant where each individual specimen can look completely different to all … Read more

Is Your Pond Ecosystem Vital For Success?

healthy pond ecosystem

Like any ecosystem, your pond ecosystem is an extremely delicate and a highly complex place.  All the way from algae to sharks and whales, everything in the oceans and by extension everything in your pond ecosystem has its role to play. And each creature plays an equally important and vital part in keeping the entire pond ecosystem healthy and efficient. What many people don’t realize about an ecosystem is how big an impact the creatures at the bottom of the … Read more

Beautiful Pond Plants Never Go Out Of Style!

Get quality pond plants and aquarium plants

Pond plants are a great way to add color and diversity to your tank and home. If your fish tank or pond is purposefully designed to be a focal point or centrepiece within a particular area of your home, then its presence will have a far reaching effect on the appearance and feel of the space. Most fish tanks of reasonable size have the ability to take over a room and draw your attention and that of any visitors to your … Read more