10 Quick Tips On Setting Up Your Goldfish Pond!

How To Take Care Of Your Goldfish Pond

Goldfish are beautiful pets to keep because they brighten up every corner with their brilliant colors. If you’re looking to add more fun and beauty to your outdoor garden, consider setting up a goldfish pond. I know my nieces absolutely love watching the goldfish swim and enjoy the pond. I do too! People who already own a fish pond will tell you that finding the best pond for their goldfish was not easy. Goldfish can be found all over the … Read more

Will Goldfish Survive Winter in an Above Ground Pool? – Considerations to Housing a Goldfish Outside

Many people add a backyard pond to their home to house goldfish. Others may choose to build an inground pool and decide the existing above ground pool in their backyard is perfect for their goldfish. Can the goldfish survive in an above ground pool during cold winter months? Goldfish come from a species of fish that live in cold water. Therefore, it is possible for goldfish to survive during the wintertime. Goldfish are also able to survive very cold winter … Read more

Types of Goldfish – Which Are Pond Fish?

There are so many types of goldfish it can be difficult to choose which goldfish to take home. You may like the most colorful or prettiest but it’s helpful to research the different varieties to understand the major differences. If you’re planning a pond it’s important to know which varieties of goldfish make ideal pond fish. The different varieties of goldfish each come with their own characteristics and challenges. Understanding the challenges can make a big difference in the final … Read more