Aquarium Accessories Product Review : Aqueon Aquarium Filters

Aquarium Accessories Water Filer

Aqueon Aquarium Filters: The Keyword Is Quality Aqueon filters were designed with your goldfish or fish in general as well as the aquarist in mind.  This brand has a 4 stage advanced filtration system, which includes: Stage 1 – Dense floss removes particles and debris Stage 2 – Activated carbon removes toxins, odors and discoloration Stage 3 – Patented Bio-Holster removes toxic ammonia and nitrites Stage 4 – Diffuser grid removes additional toxins while adding oxygen for more active fish. … Read more

Aquarium Accessories – Why Your Aquarium Needs Good Air Valves?

Air Operated Valve

What are air valves? Before we get to why you need air valves, we need to define exactly what they are.  According to Wikipedia, an Air Operated Valve is a type of power operated valve that uses air pressure against a piston or diaphragm to produce linear or circular movement to operate a valve. Air Valves perform two important functions in a piping system. They maintain system design efficiency, and provide system protection. Technically speaking .. What is system efficiency? … Read more

How The Aqueon 55 Can Help Your Goldfish Living Environment

Aquarium - Aqueon 55

Aquarium supplies product review : Fish Tank Filter – Aqueon 55 Quiet Flow Power Filter Aqueon 55 is a quiet flow power filter with fish friendly technology for aquariums. The beginning aquarist can benefit from its easy to use automatic controls and adapters for the aquatic conditions inside the aquarium environment. The benefits of this filter It’s objective is to improve water quality to support a healthy environment for the pet fish. The tank filters enhance the clarity of the … Read more