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Aquashade controls algae growth

a safe addition to water to slow down underwater weed growth and a beautiful oceanic color for stunning effect

Aquashade is a combination of blue, orange and yellow dyes used in contained ponds and aquariums. Aquashade is EPA registered as a safe addition to water for the purposes of slowing down or stopping underwater weed and to control algae growth.

Why should I use Aquashade?

The main purpose for using aquashade is to stop the sun rays from reaching the plants and the algae by blocking out vital ultra violet rays from them.

How does Aquashade control algae growth?

Ultra violet rays are key to photosynthesis and formation of plant food. An aquarium needs to be kept clean for the purposes of beauty and health of the fish. As much as the fish eat algae, algae will discolor aquariums.  Algae can override contained water causing damaging results over time as algae also uses up oxygen and carbon dioxide for its growth.

It can ruin the look of your pond, tank or aquarium. Bottom line, it does not look pretty. Aquarium fish are fed with well balanced commercial pellets and so do not need the algae.

Aquashade is however limited to underwater growth. This means that lilies and algae growing on the surface can still thrive.

These can also be limited by the use of EPS approved herbicides and algaecides.

The beauty of Aquashade is that you can get the desired results from a pond or aquarium stocked with goldfish and other decorative fish.

Aquashade also adds to the aesthetic value to aquariums and ponds. It has a beautiful blue oceanic color that blends well with the sun rays to create a stunning effect. This also adds color to the aquarium keeping it looking clean and fresh at all times. Aquashade will blend well with aquarium light to produce a beautiful spectacle.

It is wise to use Aquashade in the early stages of creating your pond or aquarium for effective clearance of algae and weeds and also to control algae growth in the future.

It is important to note the distinction – Aquashade does not kill algae but prevents its growth. The effects can also be long term in a pond where it is used for long periods of time.  The algae will slowly die out due to lack of sufficient sunlight.

Aquashade is an excellent way to add color to your pond while controlling algae and plankton growth. I have used Aquashade for years and highly recommend it.