About Goldfish

Black Moor and Common Goldfish

Black Moor Goldfish Care

The Black Moor goldfish originated in China, where it’s popularly known as ‘dragon eye’, because of its characteristic protruding eyes. It belongs to the telescope-eye variety of fancy goldfish, which are known for huge eyes jutting out of their heads. This fish is very friendly by nature and easy to maintain, making it one of …

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Goldfish Care

Goldfish Breeding: What You Need To Know

Goldfish breeding factsIdentifying male and female goldfish Water temperature for goldfish breedingPreparation for the frySpawning mopsGoldfish breeding behaviorWhat to expect nextWhat to feed fry Important for survival of fry is preparation Raising the ‘baby fish’ through the larvae and fry stage to maturity can be a challenge for new fish keepers. However successfully breeding of goldfish …

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