Goldfish Diseases: Learn About 7 Types of Goldfish Diseases

Learn To Take Care of Your Goldfish Disease Issues

Goldfish are a species of fish that are prone to diseases or infections, which can cause early death. One of the main reasons goldfish get sick is due to a dirty bowl, tank or aquarium. When the tank is dirty, filtration becomes low. water and oxygen levels become low, and this leads to either a too warm or too cold temperature.

All fish fall sick and are affected by disease or problems from time to time. Many goldfish unnecessarily die because their owners do not recognize goldfish diseases.

When you learn to recognise the signs it is easy to detect and prevent some of these diseases before they get out of hand.

Goldfish diseases and how to treat them include:

* Ich

Also known as Freshwater white spot disease or Ichtyopthirius.

  • This is caused by a microscopic parasite which is known as the Ichthyophthirius multifiliis.
  • The parasite attach themselves to the goldfish which then forms the white spots.
  • Some symptoms of this disease are visible white dots covering your goldfish body, rapid gill movements in later stages of disease and your fish frequently rubbing itself against objects in the tank.

Parasite treatments:

Some symptoms of this disease or illness are visibility of

  • goldfish body covered with white dots
  • rapid gill movements in later stages of disease
  • fish frequently rubbing itself against objects in the tank

Click here for more information on diagnosing and treating fish with Ich disease.

* Flukes

Some symptoms of this disease is flashing, irritation, difficulty in breathing, lethargy, etc. With flukes, a gill or body scrape is important to diagnose. You can treat flukes by using Praziquantel.

Click here for complete information on diagnosis and home treatments for flukes

* Tail or Fin Rot

Also known generally as necrotic loss of fin tissue which is caused by stress and poor environmental conditions. Some symptoms of this disease includes ragged fins, hole appearing in the middle of the edge of the fin, etc. This can be treated by using Melafix, Salt,  hydrogen peroxide bath, etc.

* Copepods, Lice and Anchor worms

These parasites are large enough to be seen by the naked eye.

Some symptoms of this disease include

  • louse’s eye spots on the bump when watched closely
  • grey – green to brownish raised spots on the goldfish

You can treat it by removing parasites with tweezers then cleaning the sore with iodine or hydrogen peroxide to prevent another infection.

You should also treat the whole fish tank with dimilin.

* Flex

Flex is caused by bacteria although the disease gives an impression it is fungal in nature.

Symptoms include cotton like growths, sometimes moldy looking.

You can treat by using common water antibiotics like Spectogram, Maracyn, or salt.

For detail on how to safely give your fish a salt bath click on this link

* Constipation

It’s caused by a diet without variety that is given to the goldfish or by feeding it with too many starchy foods.

Symptoms of this disease include difficulty to pass out faeces, etc.

This can be treated by changing the diet of the goldfish with more roughage and a variety of foods like spinach, peas, tubifex worms, etc.

* Dropsy

This is a very dangerous disease and to some levels it can not be treated.

Symptoms include swollen eyes, swollen belly, scales sticking out, etc.

For complete detail on diagnosing and treatments for this disease that you can do, click here.

For treatment of this disease and all other goldfish diseases it’s important to consult your vet in order to prevent your goldfish from untimely death.  Also have your vet perform frequent check ups on your goldfish.

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