Goldfish Food – Are Goldfish Omnivorous?

weekend food to keep goldfish healthy while you are away from home
weekend food to keep goldfish healthy while you are away from home

Feeding goldfish is usually viewed as a very simple task. Although this is true, providing a variety of goldfish food that is high in carbohydrates can keep goldfish healthier and living longer.

Goldfish are omnivorous. This means that goldfish will eat just about anything offered to them. Even though they will eat anything, not everything is necessarily good for goldfish.

It’s also easy to overfeed goldfish. They like to eat and always appear to be hungry. Keeping these issues in mind, feeding a goldfish might not be as simple as it seems.

There’s a variety of goldfish food available. When your fish are fed properly, the food is safe and will promote a long, healthy life.

Goldfish Flakes

  • The goldfish only needs to eat once a day. The most common goldfish food is goldfish flakes. Start by offering the goldfish a small pinch of food. Continue offering as much food as the fish can eat in a 2-minute period, but only small amounts at a time. If any food remains in the water, try to remove. This will avoid the excess food polluting the water.

Goldfish Pellets

  • Goldfish pellets are also readily available. Some pellets are not nutritious enough to be used for every day feedings. Check ingredients and labels to see if the pellets are meant for mealtime or simply a snack.

Live or Frozen food

  • Goldfish also enjoy frozen and live food. Live food is great when it can be found, but it is often hard to locate. Frozen food provides the same benefits as live food. A variety of frozen brine shrimp, tubifex worms, or mosquito larvae is available.

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Fruit and Vegetables

  • Fresh nutrients found in fruits and vegetable also make great goldfish food. Lettuce and peas are good choices to consider. Peas should be cooked, skins taken off, and slightly mashed before being fed to goldfish. Green vegetables are good for the digestive system and peas help resolve constipation issues.

Feeding goldfish properly can help reduce digestive problems and constipation issues. Pellet food that is not soaked before feeding can expand in the digestive tract of the goldfish. This can cause serious problems as is produces blockage and constipation issues.

If food is stuck on the top of the fish tank, the goldfish can ingest air and this can cause constipation issues as well.

A cute video showing a goldfish enjoying his greens.

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