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Goldfish Tanks – The Importance of Choosing The Right Tank!

Choosing the proper goldfish tank is just as important as choosing the actual goldfish. There are many different aquariums available and understanding which tank is best can make a big difference to the health of a goldfish.

goldfish tank
rule of thumb for size is to allow 10 gals per fish

Why size of the goldfish tank is important

  • To keep a goldfish healthy and happy, they need a clean environment with plenty of room to grow. To the surprise of many people, a 10 to 20 gallon goldfish tank is really only sufficient for 1 goldfish. Adding another 10 gallons per fish is ideal. Goldfish can live for many years and reach their full potential if properly housed in a big enough tank.
  • Providing fish with large goldfish tanks can also reduce the potential for parasites and disease. Goldfish are dirty fish, and it is important to keep the water quality as high as possible.
  • Fish waste and uneaten food cause ammonia levels to rise in the water. Elevated ammonia levels can cause burns and infections in goldfish. It is easier to clean the waste out a large tank with a small amount of fish. This will help keep ammonia levels at a minimum.

Water testing kits are available to test the ammonia and other toxin levels in the water. The kits can be helpful in keeping the water at a balanced level.

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What accessories are needed?

A filter is highly recommended in goldfish tanks.

Filters help eliminate waste and keep the water clean. This keeps the goldfish happy and healthy.

An air pump can be added to the fish tank to help with the conditioning of the water as well.  A pump generally runs all the time and can be noisy. It’s a good item to have, but a filter is the most important.

For more information on filters and to read a product review, check out this link.

Conditioned Water: Never add water straight from the tap to the tank. Straight tap water can be harmful to goldfish. Bottled water or conditioned tap water should be added when changing the water or cleaning the tank.

What about Goldfish bowls?

  • Some people decide to choose a goldfish bowl instead of checking out the goldfish tanks. A bowl may be a way to save money, but it’s not recommended for goldfish.
  • Goldfish bowls are very small and don’t allow near enough room for a goldfish to grow properly. Bowls also generally do not have a filtration system or they provide very little filtration. If a bowl must be used, it should be only for temporary housing.
  • Your fish will live much longer if moved to a goldfish tank.

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