What Do Goldfish Eat? The Benefits of Variety!

Goldfish seem to act as if they are always hungry. They also tend to eat as much food as they are offered. It is up to the owner to regulate the amount of food that is given at one time, as well as the kind of food that is being offered.

Many first time goldfish owners stay with the obvious choice of goldfish flakes. The flakes are readily available and they are relatively inexpensive. Goldfish owners may also have no idea goldfish eat anything apart from goldfish flakes. Although flakes are a good choice, a wide variety of different foods can be included in the goldfish diet.

Goldfish Like To Eat Earthworms
Goldfish Like To Eat Earthworms as well

Great additions to their diet

Fruits & vegetables

  • Goldfish will enjoy the variety of eating fruits and vegetables. Before feeding fruit and vegetables to the goldfish, they need to boiled or softened in some way. The fish will nibble on the pieces even if they are larger than their mouths.
  • Peas, carrots, squash, lettuce, melons, and bananas are some of the fruits and vegetables that goldfish can eat.
  • Vegetables are a healthy choice to include in the goldfish diet.
  • The greens aid in digestion and peas help with constipation issues in goldfish.

Aquatic plants

Goldfish Pellets

  • Goldfish pellets are another food option.
  • The pellets should be pre-soaked to ensure they do not expand inside the goldfish. If the pellets expand inside the fish, constipation issues may occur.
  • Goldfish will normally eat the pellets once or twice a day, depending on the size of the fish. The amount given will also vary. Larger fish may eat 8-10 pellets, while smaller fish will not be able to eat near that many.

Goldfish also eat:

  • brine shrimp
  • blood worms
  • earthworms
  • krill
  • other shrimp and worms

Green Algae

  • Green algae that builds up in the fish tank is a popular goldfish food.
  • They like to eat the algae which helps keep the tank clean.

Important points to remember

  • Goldfish eat just about anything that is put in their tank. However, some things can be harmful. It is important to feed only what is recommended to the goldfish.
  • It is also important not to overfeed the goldfish. Overfeeding can cause swim bladder problems and constipation issues. These problems can be dangerous and take time to clear up.

So when thinking about what you can add to the diet of your Goldfish remember variety can make a big difference to the health of your goldfish and keep them happy.

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