What Should You Know About A Tank Stand

An aquarium on an attractive tank stand with colorful fish adds something special to any area of your home.

It can make any room in the home look fresh and new. Many people think water kept in the house, in any form, brings good luck and good health to the people living in the house.

3 things you need to consider when buying a tank stand

1. Generally aquarium stands come in 2 types: open stand and closed stands

  • An open stand is very simple and is designed with a rectangular frame that supports the aquarium. These stands are very light-weight and have the capacity to support 55 gallon aquariums.
  • The closed type stands are considered to be stronger and sturdier and can easily support acrylic aquariums. They might also include partitions for water filters and food for the fish.
tank stand
55 gallon tank stand

A strong and sturdy stand like this one will support a 55 gallon tank.

  • remember to buy a product with a moisture resistant finish
  • top is strong enough support the weight of the glass + water
  • adequate space for storage underneath

2. size, shape and design

Generally all aquariums are made from two types of materials, that is acrylic and glass. If you have, or are planning to buy an acrylic aquarium then you should make sure that the stand you choose has the capacity to support and withstand the entire width and the length of the aquarium.

If you’re planning to buy a stand for an aquarium made of glass then you need to make sure it can support the corners of the aquarium.

Naturally, if you choose the wrong stand for a glass aquarium, which is heavy, the stand won’t be able to support the weight and could send the aquarium to crash to the floor.

3. decor

The details such as the types and varieties of aquariums available, the different types of stands and how they’d fit in with the décor that’s in the room where the aquarium will be placed. Putting an aquarium on any furniture in the house that’s not specifically manufactured for the aquarium itself is not recommended.

Not only could your furniture be damaged but you probably won’t get the desired beautiful effect for your room. When the aquarium is placed on the right tank stand it creates a positive effect and adds interest to the room.

Finding the perfect tank stand for the perfect aquarium is worth the time and effort. You’ll be delighted with the end result.

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