How to Take Care of Betta Fish and Avoid Problems

Having and keeping fish as a pet is a lot of fun and comes with some responsibility. There are different species to choose from and if you decide on the betta fish then you’re in for a great deal of pleasure. But first you need to know how to take care of these fish so you aren’t disappointed with your new fish adventure. It helps to know a little about the betta so you can provide everything it needs. The … Read more

Goldfish Food – Feeding Tips for Beginners

Care and feeding goldfish is a pleasant experience and lots of fun for children. Just sprinkling food in your aquarium and watching your fish enjoy their meal is great for the whole family. Goldfish love to eat and will eat almost anything. Feeding your goldfish is an easy process because they are omnivorous. This means goldfish will consume not only plants but animal tissues as well. It’s important that your fish is provided with a diet that’s both balanced and … Read more

What’s the Perfect Temperature for Goldfish Water?

how to take care of your goldfish

When you first start keeping goldfish there are things to take into account – tank size, food options and filtration. But perhaps the most important is the best water for goldfish. The temperature of your water can have a huge effect on your fish, and really can mean the difference between fish that are happy and healthy and fish that are slow, lethargic, stressed, and susceptible to disease. So what’s the best water temperature for goldfish, and in what circumstances … Read more

Signs & Symptoms of Sick Goldfish

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While most people tend to think that cats and dogs have the best personalities, fish can also have some cute and very individual behaviors and tendencies. How do you know when your fish is sick? Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms of disease in goldfish that every owner should look out for. Symptom: Gasping for Air What to Look For: Sick goldfish may often struggle to take in enough oxygen. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to tell … Read more