Fascinating Facts For Comet Goldfish Lovers

How to take care of comet goldfish
Comets are very fertile and multiply in a short span of time

One of the most common breeds of aquarium fish is the Comet goldfish.

This breed of goldfish can be distinguished from others because of its long, flowing and deeply forked tail. The comet goldfish is also slimmer and smaller when compared to the ordinary goldfish.

Interesting facts

  • The comet was one of the first sea creatures domesticated.
  • This goldfish was actually named comet, because the unique quality of its tail resembling a comet flying through the sky.
  • First seen in Washington in the ponds of the United States Government Fish Commission, this breed was developed in the 1880’s by government worker Hugo Mulertt. Mulertt became a propagator of goldfish and subsequently the first person to introduce the comet goldfish to the general populace.  Thanks Hugo!

What sets the comet apart

  • The comet goldfish is a great breed for those new to keeping an aquarium. The comet is easy to take care of and because of its hardy nature can be kept in an outdoor pond or inside your house in an aquarium or tank.
  • The comet goldfish are much smaller than the common goldfish. An average comet usually reaches six to ten inches although there are certain fish specimens that can reach up to twelve inches.
  • An outstanding feature of this fish is its beautiful tail. The forked tail is very long (at least 3/4 of the length of the body). In large comet fish, where the body is about 12 inches long, the tail can be the same length, and in some circumstances it can be longer than the body.
  • The tips of the caudal fin are clear and this is attractive, especially if it seen in the background of the comets color; the graceful flow is beautiful to watch!
  • Commonly, this goldfish is yellow and silver in colour. However they can also come in a combination of other metallic colors.
  • Comets are agile swimmers and they are also very fast
  • Comets are very fertile and they can multiply and propagate in a short span of time. They are one of the most prolifically bred fish in pet shops.
  • Comets also have the usual characteristics that goldfish possess

Sarasa comet fish facts

  • The Sarasa comet goldfish is one of the most common kinds of comets.
  • Sarasa comet can be distinguished easily because of the white pattern in its body and the deep brilliant red color depicted on its body and on its fins.
  • Originally from China

Caution:  Although comets can be raised in outdoor ponds and they can thrive in that environment, be aware that they are prone to congested fin during winter

Comets are in demand in various parts of the world, a great many are fascinated with this breed. With its inexpensive price, the comet goldfish is the ideal pet.

Ideal not just for veteran fish breeders and raisers, but also for beginners who would love to try their hand in raising goldfish.

Some fascinating facts for those of us who adore comet goldfish.

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