How to Take Care of A Goldfish – A Beginner’s Guide

feeding goldfish
Pinch a small amount of food into the fish tank just once a day

When looking to buy goldfish, it is important to look for signs that the fish are healthy.

Tips: 4 things to avoid when buying fish

  1. Tanks that are cloudy and overcrowded may be signs that that particular store might not be the best place to buy goldfish
  2. Goldfish should not have any sores on the skin
  3. Their eyes will be clear and not cloudy
  4. The goldfish should seem healthy, happy and active

The first step to caring for a goldfish is bringing home a healthy goldfish.

How to Take Care of A Goldfish

Now that a healthy goldfish has been chosen, you’ll need a tank and supplies. The recommended tank size for one goldfish is 10 to 20 gallons. Purchasing a filtration system is also necessary. An air pump and heater are recommended, but it is possible to care for a fish without them.

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Plastic plants, or real plants and rocks can add decoration to the fish tank and give fish a fun place to swim. Set the tank up completely and the let the filtration system run for a while before adding the goldfish. This will help get rid of any chemicals left on any of the accessories. Add the fish to the treated, room temperature water with water conditioner and watch them enjoy their new home.

Feeding Goldfish

Goldfish care is rather easy as long as the owner is committed to establishing a feeding and maintenance routine. Goldfish only need to be fed once a day, although some owners feed their goldfish twice a day. When feeding the goldfish, pinch a small amount of food into the fish tank.

If the goldfish is still hungry, continue the process for two minutes or until the goldfish seems to lose interest. Generally, goldfish will eat as long as they keep being fed. It’s important not to overfeed the goldfish, as this can cause serious problems for the fish.

Ensure fish tank is clean and water is healthy

The most important aspect of caring for a goldfish is making sure the fish tank is clean. Keeping the water clean and free from dangerous toxins is essential in promoting healthy goldfish growth. A dirty fish tank can cause diseases in goldfish that require the use of antibiotics to clear up the problem.

In serious cases, the goldfish may not survive. The sick goldfish will need isolation and special food to help remedy the problem.

If the tank is cleaned weekly, it’s possible to avoid dangerous problems that can be harmful to the livelihood of the goldfish.

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