It’s Time For Goldfish Education

last updated September 2018

Goldfish are extremely pretty and pets that are relatively easy to take care of. They are perfect “first pets” for small children yet they’re also beloved by many adults all over the world.

A beginners introduction to caring for goldfish
A goldfish is relatively easy to care for but still requires attention and love in order to thrive

Just the basics caring for goldfish

  • They live in fresh water and can survive perfectly well in room temperature water. This means that heaters are not necessary.
  • Keeping a goldfish aquarium can be quite easy. It just needs to be cleaned about once a week and as long as this is done there’s no need to have an electric filter in the tank to recycle the water.  However we recommend a filter for the long term best care of your fish. You can buy an inexpensive air stone which will help to oxygenate the tank, creating bubbles and movement in the water.
  • Goldfish can live alone or with many other fish. Although they do much better with a friend, so try to get at least 2.
  • They are peaceful members of the carp family and require very little care aside from being fed daily.
  • Contrary to popular belief, goldfish can live a long time. Some varieties can live about 10 years!
  • Unfortunately, many goldfish are kept in tanks that are too small and that stunts their growth and shortens their lifespan considerably. A tiny little bowl is not sufficient for a healthy goldfish. In order to ensure the fish is healthy it can be kept in a tank for a short while that’s at the very least 1 or 2 gallons. 5 gallons should be your minimum size for 1 fish.

Goldfish are educational for children

Parents who home school should be especially aware of the educational merits that owning a pet can have for a child.


It teaches them responsibility and raises their awareness of, and compassion for other creatures.


Choosing a pet goldfish can be a lot of fun. Your child should help choose a tank and decorate it before the fish arrive (gravel, plants and little figures for your fish to swim around or hide in are important for any tank).

basic care for goldfish
This is a good aquarium starter kit that includes everything you need to get started