Will Goldfish Survive Winter in an Above Ground Pool? – Considerations to Housing a Goldfish Outside

keep algae in your goldfish pond under control
Algae takes up oxygen that is needed for the goldfish to survive, it is important to clean out algae and keep it under control.

Many people add a backyard pond to their home to house goldfish. Others may choose to build an inground pool and decide the existing above ground pool in their backyard is perfect for their goldfish.

Can the goldfish survive in an above ground pool during cold winter months?

  • Goldfish come from a species of fish that live in cold water. Therefore, it is possible for goldfish to survive during the wintertime.
  • Goldfish are also able to survive very cold winter months because they go into a form of hibernation.They go to the bottom of the goldfish pond or pool and get under rocks or anything available. Their heart rate, breathing, and metabolism slow down during this time and they no longer need food.
  • The pool can be iced over, but as long as the goldfish have plenty of water underneath the ice, they will be able to survive. Once it warms up, the fish will return to normal. It is not recommended to keep goldfish in ponds or pools in areas that are extremely cold for long periods. Although they may still survive, it might be easier to move them indoors.

It is important to remember when keeping goldfish in an above ground pool that there are many predators that would love to get a hold of the goldfish. Birds, raccoons, and cats are common predators.

Above ground pools do provide some safety from the predators. The walls of the pool are generally too high to enable the predator to walk right in. The predator may just sit at the edge and watch. This gives the goldfish time to hide on the bottom of the pool.

Fish will feel safer if plants are added to the pool.

  • Plants give the goldfish places to hide.
  • Plants are also good for maintaining the quality of the water. This can be essential in helping goldfish survive during winter months in a pool. Plants clean the water and prevent the growth of algae. However the plants cannot maintain the water alone.

If the goldfish are fed too often and too much, the water will be polluted with their waste. This will promote the growth of algae. Algae then takes up a lot of the oxygen that is needed for the goldfish to survive. Therefore it is important to clean out algae and keep it under control.

A goldfish pond or pool is a beautiful addition to any backyard landscape and with the appropriate care makes a wonderful home for your goldfish.

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