Hikari Goldfish Food – Why Consider This Specialty Brand?

By feeding goldfish Hikari Goldfish Food, you’re assured of providing goldfish outstanding nutrition at all life stages of their life.


  1. Food offers higher protein levels and exacting nutrient mix. It’s specifically designed to offer desirable growth, coloration and form.
  2. Higher digestibility helps improve nutrient absorption.
  3. Waste output is reduced (goldfish don’t have to excrete faeces as often) which means water quality issues are minimized.
  4. When used as directed, Hikari fish food won’t cloud the water in the tank.
  5. An important feature of this brand is that there’s food specific for certain breeds of goldfish. If you have a goldfish with a wen, Hikari have food designed for these breeds that will keep the wen in good condition.
small pellets for regular goldfish

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