Make Tap Water Safe with Aqueon Water Conditioner

Water Conditioner is an essential in any aquarium setting as it plays an important role in maintaining the safest environment for your fish. Tap water should not be used for goldfish without first being treated.


What does water conditioner do?

It clears murky water and neutralizes chlorine, chloramines as well as any harmful traces of ammonia in the aquarium water. Conditioners also renew essential trace elements that the fish require.

water conditioner for goldfishuse with every water change

How much water conditioner do I use?

Use this ratio 5:10

IE : 5 mls (1 tsp) for 10 gallons of water


  • Conditioner instantly neutralizes choline and chloramines, typically found in tap water.
  • Tap water is made safe for fish
  • It helps reduce stress in fish as they become familiar with their new environment.