Aquarium Accessories Product Review : Aqueon ProFlex Sump

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Before we get started, I’ll say that the Aqueon ProFlex Sump is like “Wow”! It’s state-of-the-art and gets the job done. I also like the fact that it’s not ugly like most systems and it is surprisingly quiet. (I’ve had some systems in the past that drove me crazy because they were so loud.)

Why use a sump?

Goldfish health is vitally important and so sumps play a very big role in increasing the water capacity in an aquarium setup. They also serve as efficient filtration equipment and provide a central point for any additions such as nutrients and supplements required in the aquarium setup.

7 reasons to consider the Aqueon Proflex Sump

There are many types available on the market and one of the most highly recommended is the Aqueon. It’s a good product because of it’s many practical uses.

1.  The system is available in 4 types of models. This is based on the capacity of each of them.

The capacity indicates the maximum amount of water that the sump will hold once it’s been setup.

2. A feature of the design is that it allows the user to customize the filtration depending on their preferences. The sumps are flexible and therefore you can add any aquarium accessories that you like to create your own unique aquarium environment.

3. They can be setup in 3 main ways namely refugium, wet/dry and Berlin styles.

  • The refugium setup is where you add light to make the reef livelier.
  • In the wet and dry setup, the system is turned into a traditional filter using a BioMedia Accessory pack.
  • The Berlin setup is usually common in reef applications because it allows for placement of a large protein skimmer which is important in this application.

4. Other than flexibility, an Aqueon Proflex Sump is easy to setup. It takes a very short time to get it up and running.

5. The material used to manufacture the product is of high quality which ensures that it doesn’t leak even after usage for a long time.

6. Suprisingly quiet.

7. In addition, and something I always look for, the Aqueon Company provides a lifetime warranty against any leakage. Got to love that!

Another great product for your Aquarium accessories kit.

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