How to Care for Fancy Goldfish – The Importance of Providing a Comfortable Environment

How to Care for Fancy Goldfish
pay attention to water conditions in the tank – use a water conditioner to neutralise the heavy metals
Both fancy goldfish and common goldfish are from the same species of fish. This means they will live happily together in the same fish tank for the most part.
Caring for a fancy goldfish is basically the same as caring for a common goldfish.

1. Goldfish love to have company

  • If possible invest in more than one goldfish. Add different varieties of fish to add color and excitement to the fish tank. There are many different types of goldfish to choose from to add to your home aquarium.
  • When buying goldfish, it is important to invest in a large enough fish tank to house the number of fish that will be purchased. If 2 fish are purchased, a tank that is at least 30 gallons is recommended. The tank will need to be larger if more fish are purchased.
  • Keep in mind an extra 10 gallons is needed for every extra fish added. The same space is necessary when caring for fancy or common goldfish.
  • This will ensure the goldfish have plenty of room to grow and enough space so they will not be overcrowded.

2. Add gravel, rocks, and plants to the tank

  • These all help the goldfish feel at home and provide hiding spots. Just make sure to clean all items with tap water before putting them in the fish tank. Rocks also supply a solid base for your aquatic plants to grow.

3. It’s extremely important to pay regular attention to the water in the fish tank

  • A good filtration system is needed, as well as weekly changing of the water. Only a small portion of the water has to be changed. It is an easy process and can really help keep the fancy goldfish healthy.
  • A portion of the water is taken out and clean, room temperature water is added. This procedure is necessary for removing fish waste from the water. The fish waste can produce toxins that can be harmful to goldfish.

Important points

It’s thought that feeding the goldfish a few peas can also be helpful.Click here for more information on how to prepare vegetables to feed your goldfish. If the fish don’t get better and are still unable to eat, they may not be able to be saved.

Good water quality and proper diet can help keep bladder disease from ever becoming an issue.

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