Goldfish Health Can Be Achieved Using A Salt Bath, Find Out How!

The time-tested ‘cure-all’ of the fish world is the old-fashioned salt bath. Some experts refer to this procedure as progressive saltwater treatment.


The salt bath is the quickest and a simple method of taking care of sick goldfish.


goldfish fungus treatment

Advantages of salt bath

  • very easy and simple to do
  • has been known to cure fungus, velvet, ich, tail rot and other malignancies
  • very effective and several experts swear by it

How is the progressive salt-water treatment administered to sick goldfish?

The hospital tank is most often used to administer the treatment.

fish fungus salt treatment

Why is a hospital tank important?

1.Because the sick goldfish is by itself so you’re able to doctor and monitor the progress of the fish easier.


2. The hospital tank helps prevent the spread of a contagious disease to other fish being housed in the same tank.

goldfish fungus treatment with salt

Administering the treatment

Firstly the sick goldfish needs to be moved to a separate fish tank, also known as a hospital tank.


Very gently move the fish from its normal tank and place in the hospital tank. Once the sick goldfish arrives at the hospital, commence the salt bath.

Add 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt (not iodized) for every gallon of water.  Note: Dissolve salt well before adding to the tank.

That night before you go to bed add the same amount of salt to the hospital tank. The following day perform the same procedure, adding salt to the hospital tank water in the morning and at night.


If there are no signs of improvement by the 3rd  or 4th day, add 1 more teaspoon of salt each day (but just 1, not 11). Lastly, on the 9th and 10th days, make progressive water changes and check for results.

During the process be aware there may be water evaporation to take into account in your calculations.

home treatment for fungus on goldfish

There are a number of remedies that experts use to help their fish recover from sickness. This method, the salt bath, is deemed the most ‘old-fashioned’, yet one of the most effective cures of all. Many of you have emailed and said that the treatment has worked really well for your goldfish.


This is a great video on identifying and treating your goldfish using a salt bath. 

No one likes being sick, it’s not fun and can really take the joy out of life. Your little family members feel the same way. Try this salt bath and help them stay healthy and live their life to the fullest.

last updated November 2018