Nutrafin Betta Plus – Can It Increase The Longevity and Wellbeing Of Your Betta?

how to make water safe for Betta fish
Nutrafin Betta Plus Review

The manufacturer says it’s an easy to use water conditioner that makes tap water safe for your beautiful Bettas. On top of that it coats their scales and fins to protect against scrapes and cuts. Let’s find out if all of this is necessary. 

The Betta (also known as The Siamese Fighting Fish)

This is a freshwater ray finned fish, which belongs to the Gourami family. In most cases these fish are extremely colorful. Additionally they have the capability to live in water with a low oxygen level.

But if you’re planning to keep these beautiful fish in their home for any length of time, it’s very important to take good care of them. This task isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The general perception people have is all you need to do is buy the fish from the store, fill the aquarium with water and put the fish in it. That’s simply not true. You have to

  1. regularly clean the fish tank
  2. maintain optimum pH levels
  3. have the right salt and mineral content in the aquarium.

water conditioner for Siamese fighting fish

The tap water that we use to fill fish bowls is actually very harmful to some fish. Although it won’t harm people after being properly treated, tap water can prove to be toxic for aquatic life. For the safety of the fish in the aquarium water conditioners should be added. It’s necessary to use water conditioners for both freshwater as well as saltwater aquariums.

Nutrafin Betta Plus Water Conditioner advantages

  • This is a water conditioner that’s readily available.
  • Using it makes the water safe for Betta fish.
  • It’s an ‘easy to use’ product.
  • Designed to provide the optimum conditions for the well-being and longevity of Bettas.

Betta Plus helps protect your Betta

In addition, the Nutrafin Betta Plus water conditioner protects different body parts of the Bettas, such as their fins and scales, from cuts and scratches by coating them.

It’s very important to provide conditions similar to those that occur naturally in the habitat of Bettas. Tropical almond leaf extract is added to the Nutrafin Betta Plus water conditioner for this very purpose.

Using the conditioner with every water change is recommended.

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