Thinking Of Building A Garden Pond?

pros and cons of having a fish pond
build a garden pond creating a feature that works for both you and your goldfish

Many people have a great interest in goldfish. The Koi of Japan are responsible for creating much of that interest, but not all. Goldfish owners are also very interested in this type of fresh water fish because they have the upper hand over Koi.

Goldfish or Koi?

Which are best suited to keeping in a garden pond

If weather conditions are warm enough then your pond will provide a very similar environment to your aquarium. This means it’s just an alternative means of containment for the water, but much bigger.

Pros of having a pond

  1. Being able to have more goldfish as well as larger goldfish
  2. The water temperature will not change as quickly as it would in an aquarium
  3. Having stabilized water is healthy and soothing for goldfish

Cons of fish ponds

  1. More expenses involved in the care and maintenance of a pond
  2. The only view of the goldfish is overhead not an ‘all around’ view like an aquarium
  3. Any maintenance needs to be done during daylight hours unless excellent outdoor lighting is available

You don’t have to have a large area for garden water ponds. However you do need to ensure that the filtering system is in good working order to avoid problems.

If you decide to install a garden pond, you’ll want to make it beautiful and appealing so that the time you spend around it will be peaceful and enjoyable.

The idea of building a garden pond is to create a feature that works for both you and your goldfish, so that everyone will be happy.

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