Aquashade Pond Dye – What Are The Advantages Of Using This Compound?

updated September 2018

The main reason for using pond dye is to eliminate unwanted aquatic weeds from water ponds.

The dye prevents sunlight from penetrating to the bottom of the pond water where unwanted weeds are growing. This hampers the growth of the plants.

How it works

The shade that the dye creates in the pond traps some parts of the light spectrum that are important for the process of photosynthesis. This is the process through which plants produce their own food by the use of sunlight.

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fish will not be harmed, control weed growth

Photosynthesis is important for the survival of weeds.By inhibiting this process weeds cannot survive.

The fact that Aquashade pond dye only affects plants means that fish and other water animals will not be harmed. This makes it a favorite weed control method for many fish farmers.

The water can still be used for other purposes such as cleaning around your house. It also means that you will not have problems with environmental management agencies as the water has no effect on sea animals when it flows out of the pond.


When added to the water Aquashade pond dye slowly fades over time hence allowing sunlight to pass through to the weeds at the bottom of the pond. This means that you should spray or pour more dye from time to time in order to maintain the shading effect.

Another advantage is that you’ll be able to eliminate the weeds for good by continuously monitoring the concentration of the dye in the water.  With just a little bit of maintenance, you’ll be able to preserve the attractive aqua-blue color in the water at all times.

What I find most appealing about the product is that it not only makes my pond more beautiful, but it’s easy to use as well. That’s a definite advantage for using in your pond!

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This pond dye gives the water in your pond an aqua-blue color blend. Such a rich blend of colors makes your pond and the entire area beautiful. Yes, the pond and its surrounding landscape appear as a naturally occurring feature. That is true beauty because it looks natural…nothing fake looking here.