How to Get Air Bubbles in the Fish Tank

This is how bubbles oxygenate water

The bubbles created by the air stone or air pump in the fish tank burst on the surface of the water creating movement. The surface water is agitated promoting the exchange of gas between the water and atmosphere allowing oxygen to move into the water.

Oxygenated water is an absolute necessity if you want your goldfish to grow bigger and live longer.

air bubbles in fish tank
air pumps are available in lots of forms to suit your aquarium

Depending on your tank set-up and the type of filter you’re using you can choose if you want additional oxygenation. If so install an air stone or decoration that creates bubbles.

Hang on the back filters‘ and ‘canister filters‘ do create some surface movement. Whereas ‘under gravel filters’ and ‘sponge filters’ need an air pump to function and produce surface agitatation.

Don’t add bubbles in a tank with Bettas or fry

ultra quiet aquarium air pump
A silent air pump for fish tank

6 benefits of air pumps in fish tanks

1. Oxygen

A fish tank bubbler setup enables fish to have a good flow of oxygen. If you notice your fish gasping for air or swimming near the surface low oxygen in the water is the problem. You need to increase the water surface movement with an air pump.

2. Movement

One of the functions of an air pump is to keep water moving. It’s necessary to have this activity in the water because still water attracts mosquitoes and other impurities.

Moving water helps your fish swim easily.

aquarium air stone setup
a simple, effective air stone

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3. Regular cleaning of water

An air pump in the fish tank keeps water clean. According to research, goldfish produce more excreta than most other aquarium fish.

The water in the tank gets dirty very quickly. Dirty oxygen gets depleted from the tank faster.

air pump
a quiet fish tank air pump

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An air pump incorporated with a filter system keeps renewing water so that it always stays fresh.

When you see your air pump releasing air bubbles it’s a clear indication oxygen is being circulated in the water. When this happens you know your fish are breathing easier.

cheap air pump

4. Size of the air pump

Size is an important factor when choosing the best air pump for your tank or aquarium.

The rule to keep in mind is the smaller the tank the dirtier it gets … and faster.  As we also discussed, goldfish expel a lot of excreta.

Nitrogen and other toxic elements are released into the tank. Choose an air pump with your filter system that’s the right size for your tank. You don’t want a pump that’s so powerful your fish has to exhaust itself in the tank or it causes injuries.

Alternatively you don’t want tank water that barely rotates.

You need to find one that’s the perfect size for your tank or aquarium.

5. Reduces maintenance

When you have a goldfish air pump installed it keeps your water clean and oxygenated. It frees you from having to change the water every day as the air pump keeps water fresh. It increases the chances of longer life and better growth of your goldfish.

6. Aquarium decorations

Accessories such as air pipes, water tubes, air stones, bubblers  – Air pumps come in many forms and these are much more than aquarium decorations.

Although they’re designed to be cute and look decorative you can be sure they’re helpful in maintaining your healthy aquarium environment.

There’re also filters and small feeding devices. I saw a cute one that had a marbles and treasure chest theme. The air water pump is inside the treasure chest and the door opens and closes at regular intervals all while purifying the water.

How would you like to live your life in a closet? It doesn’t sound very inviting does it? That’s exactly how goldfish feel living in a small bowl. It’s cramped.

They can’t stretch and swim very far before they get to the other end of the bowl. On top of that they can’t get enough oxygen in their small environment.

Get rid of the bowl and buy your fish a tank or aquarium with an adequate air pump or air stone (you might know it as air bubbles in the fish tank). That’s one of the best things you can do for your fish.