Shubunkin Goldfish: Discover How Easy It Is To Have As A Pet

When you’re thinking about which fish to choose for your first pet goldfish, the Shubunkin is a good choice; particularly for children and those new to keeping fish as they’re quite hardy.


They have a beautiful, unusual coloration. Because they have a long life span and can grow up to 12 inches in the right conditions and space they’re also good pond fish.

Shubunkin make good pond fish
Shubunkin like plenty of oxygen in clean water

The history

The Shubunkin goldfish is one of the most sought-after breeds. It was developed in Japan inside the latter part of the 19th century. Hence the Japanese Shubunkin. There are different varieties within this breed. For example American, London, and Bristol Shubunkins.


Similar in appearance and body shape to the common goldfish although the Shubunkin carries a more streamlined shape and its tail and fins are slightly longer.


It’s their coloration however that sets them apart from ordinary goldfish. Well-known for their unusual color pattern which is a mixture of metallic and translucent scales with blotches of black, red, brown, white, and blue.


They’re referred to as the calico goldfish due to their unusual color patterns, which also run within the fins and tail of the fish.

Shubunkins are hardy fish

There are many varieties of this breed throughout the world, however the most common is the Bristol Shubunkin.


They have a good resistance to disease and don’t need a lot maintenance and care apart from well oxygenated and clean water.


For this reason those new to looking after goldfish should consider the Shubunkin.


They can live for over 10 years and grow more than a foot in length as long if it’s given enough room and is well-fed. For this reason they are good pond fish.


The perfect habitat for growing huge Shubunkin is usually to start off in a tank, progressing to a goldfish pond.

They live well with fantails in a tank.

Shubunkin care

These fish are generally not picky eaters. They’ll devour almost everything you place in front of them. Fish flakes or pellets, live worms, as well as cooked vegetables.


We recommend that you offer them a variety of foods to keep them healthy.

Just a word of caution about feeding them live food like worms. Live food can contain parasites that can cause various illnesses.

Living conditions

Shubunkin fish aren’t particularly sensitive to water conditions. They’re able to thrive in any type of water provided the temperature is not too cold or too hot.


If you want to keep your fish healthy and happy, make sure you install an effective filtration and aeration system inside your tank. By doing this you’ll cut down on the possibility of having to nurse a sick fish.


Like other kinds of goldfish, they require a lot of oxygen in their water.