Goldfish Bowl – Is A Bowl An Easy Way To Care For A Goldfish?

When purchasing their first goldfish, some people decide to buy a goldfish bowl to house the fish. A bowl is generally a less expensive option than a fish tank, and it may seem like an easier way to take care of the fish instead of purchasing a large tank.

In reality, it is not as easy as putting the fish in the bowl and watching it swim.

Goldfish Bowl - How To Take Care Of Goldfish
Not an ideal long term home

Goldfish need room to swim

  •  Unless the bowl is very large, there is probably only enough room to house one goldfish properly

It takes great care to ensure the goldfish has a clean environment

  • The goldfish bowl needs to be cleaned regularly. Goldfish are very dirty fish, and keeping the tank clean is essential to their health.
  • It is important to replace some of the water with clean water a couple times a week. This is as easy as taking out a small portion and adding new water.
  • It is also important to note that tap water can be harmful to the goldfish. Bottled water or conditioned tap water should be used in the bowl. The water should be room temperature.
  • Completely cleaning the entire goldfish bowl on a monthly basis is recommended. The goldfish can be transferred to another container while the bowl is completely cleaned and wiped out.

Feeding your goldfish

  • Watching the goldfish eat is always fun for children. However, it is very important to feed the goldfish only a small amount of food at a time. If they eat that amount quickly, then give them a little bit more.
  • The problem with just putting a large amount of food in the goldfish bowl is that the food that is not eaten quickly sinks to the bottom. The leftover food can then pollute the water producing toxins that can cause infection.
  • Feeding the goldfish small amounts twice a day can help reduce toxins building up in the goldfish bowl due to uneaten food.

Filtration system

  • Goldfish will be happier and healthier if the goldfish bowl has a filtration system. As most bowls do not have such a system, adding a layer of gravel to the bottom of the bowl will provide biological filtration. The gravel can be helpful in reducing toxins that promote disease.

Keeping fish in a bowl should really only be considered as a temporary home for the goldfish. Goldfish need a larger tank to thrive, and the fish can live a lot longer if given plenty of room to swim and grow.

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