Goldfish Aquariums – Maintaining an Aquarium

cleaning the tank
Effective water filters help to remove the excess ammonia, nitrates and dirt , maintaining a healthy aerated environment for the fish

Goldfish are coldwater fish and creating a healthy environment for them to thrive is not too difficult.

Problems occur in goldfish aquariums when you fail to maintain their tanks properly.

The problem can sometimes be resolved by cleaning the aquarium or adding a product to the water to kill the disease or parasites. Properly maintaining the aquarium will help ensure goldfish stay healthy and happy.

Aquarium maintenance tips

  • If planning to house 3-4 goldfish it’s necessary to look at goldfish aquariums that are at least 55 gallons. This may seem extreme, but goldfish need a great deal of room to grow and swim.
  • In order to keep your fish healthy, adding a filter to the aquarium is a necessity. Goldfish are messy and a filter will help keep the tank clean. Fish waste can cause infections and disease in goldfish.

Steps for weekly water changes

It’s essential to regularly clean the aquarium and add fresh water to the tank. Weekly changing of the water in goldfish aquariums is recommended.

  • Remove only 10 to 15 percent of the water
  • When changing water, it’s also a good time to siphon any mess in the tank. Siphoning can be easily done using a gravel vacuum.
  • When siphoning is finished, replace the percentage of water removed with fresh, conditioned tap water or bottled water that’s at room temperature.
  • This water change can all be performed while the goldfish are still in the aquarium.
  • Remember never add water straight from the tap. This can harm the goldfish.
  • Skipping the weekly water changes can cause nitrates to build up in the water and this may be dangerous for the goldfish.

Occasionally it may also be necessary to completely clean the entire aquarium.

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This process is only necessary for goldfish aquariums that seem to continually have sick goldfish, and nothing else has worked.

Steps for cleaning the entire aquarium

  1. To begin the process, remove the goldfish.
  2. With the aquarium still full of water, add bleach.
  3. Let the filter run for a short while and then place the filter and all parts in the water.
  4. Let the tank sit, and then rinse everything off with tap water.
  5. Drain the fish tank and wipe it dry.
  6. Let it sit for a while again and then add a de-chlor treatment.
  7. Add water and then add back decorations to the aquarium. Replace the filter and any other accessories.
  8. When the water reaches adequate temperature, the goldfish can be returned to the aquarium.

The importance of maintaining your aquarium on a regular basis cannot be stressed too much. This is a key element in keeping your goldfish healthy and happy.

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