Types of Goldfish: Your Guide To Choosing A Pet Goldfish

types of freshwater aquarium fish

With so many goldfish varieties there’s a pet goldfish for every personality and environment!

The top 5 kinds of goldfish

If you’re thinking of getting a goldfish for a pet you’re in for a treat. There are so many varieties of this domesticated fish, all with their own unique physical characteristics.


The aesthetic value of a goldfish is something to consider. Below is a summary of what the different types of goldfish look like.

Common Goldfish

  • This is by far the most popular type of goldfish and there’s no mistaking its look.
  • The common goldfish has bright orange scales and a while tail.


Lionchu or Lionranchu

  • This type of fish is the result of cross breeding a Lionhead and a Ranchu
  • They’re predominantly white and pale orange in color
  • The head and body are both very round
  • If you want to have this fish as a pet, you might have to pre-order as they can be quite hard to come by in some places

This amazing video is well worth watching; you’ll love this Lionchu!

Black Moor

  • They are often mistaken for another type of fish because of the jet black scales.
  • There are sub-varieties of the Black Moor goldfish that are named according to the description of their eyes. Sub-varieties include Popeye, Telescope, Demekin (Japan) and Dragon Eye (China).

Blackmoor goldfish


  • This variety is know for its unusual color pattern which can include blotches of black, red, brown, white & blue
  • The body of the Shubunkin is elongated compared to most other kinds of goldfish
  • The fins as well as tail are almost as long as the body.
  • These are easy fish to care for

how to identify a shubunkin goldfish

Bubble Eye

  • As the name suggests, the eyes of this type of goldfish look like large bubbles and are ostentatiously disproportionate to its body size.
  • The Bubble Eye doesn’t have a dorsal fin and its body is shaped remarkably like an egg.

freshwater aquarium fish

From this short list you can see that there are many types of goldfish you might want to consider. These 5 are some of the most spectacular.


The main consideration is your lifestyle and which type of goldfish will suit you and your family.

There’s a pet goldfish for every personality and environment!

Updated November 2018