Can Malachite Green Treatment Get Rid Of White Spot Disease Also Known As Ich Or Ick?

Your fish is suffering because a parasite, medically termed Ichthyophtirius, has infected it or several of your goldfish.

This disorder is commonly referred to as Ich fish disease, Ick or White spot.

Symptoms of Ich fish disease
Treating Ich in fish
Malachite Green fish treatment
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best treatment for ich on fish
How to treat Ick in a fish tank

Malachite green treatment is one of the most effective treatments for this disease.

  • Note: It’s very important that you treat this disease at the early stages of infection.

Here’s the information to diagnose the disease quickly and take the steps necessary to treat the disease.

Symptoms of Ich fish disease

1. White Spots

The most obvious sign is the white spots, which can easily be confirmed by microscopic examination of skin and gills.

The spots are very tiny and equal in size to that of a pinhead. Your fish might look as though it’s been sprinkled with salt or sugar.

2. Fish rubbing against objects

When white spots are present you’ll normally see the goldfish rubbing its body against objects. They do this because the white spots cause skin irr