Can Malachite Green Treatment Get Rid Of White Spot Disease Also Known As Ich Or Ick?

Malachite green is one of the most effective treatments on the market today for Ich.
Malachite green is one of the most effective treatments on the market today.

There is nothing worse than seeing your poor little goldfish swimming around with white spots. Your fish is suffering because a parasite, medically termed Ichthyophtirius, has infected it or several of your goldfish. This disorder is commonly referred to as Ick or Ich Fish Disease.

Let’s talk a little more about symptoms and the different malachite treatments.

Malachite green treatment is one of the most effective treatments for this disease. However, it is very important that you treat this disease at the early stages of infection. With the following information you will be able to diagnose the disease quickly and take the steps necessary to treat the disease.

Symptoms of Ich fish disease

White Spots

The most obvious sign is the white spots, which can easily be confirmed by microscopic examination of skin and gills. The spots are very tiny and equal in size to that of a pinhead. Your fish might look as though it has been sprinkled with salt or sugar.  When white spots are present you will normally see the goldfish rubbing its body against objects. They do this because the white spots cause skin irritation.

You can also identify Ich fish disease (or Ick) by doing the following investigation.Remove several “white spots” from the infected fish, then place them on a microscope slide with a few drops of water and cover with glass. The mature parasite is large, dark in color, and has a horseshoe-shaped nucleus which is sometimes visible under 100x magnification. The adult parasite moves slowly in a tumbling manner and is easily recognized.

Red Spots

You may also see spots of a reddish color. In this instance the parasites are attacking the fish gills.This is one of the most dangerous and life threatening situations for goldfish. The parasites attacking the gills are interfering with the ability of the fish to absorb oxygen from water. Breathing becomes difficult, the fish will experience shortness of breath and come to surface quite often.

Treating Ich in Fish

Malachite green is one of the most effective treatments on the market today. Using this cure will enable your fish to get rid of their white spots quickly.

Warning: Please read the package carefully. Dosage provided must be accurate as the chemicals used are extremely strong. Over dosage can be dangerous or life threatening.

Most malachite green manufacturing companies recommend 1 drop of malachite treatment in 1 gallon of water. One drop might not seem like it would be enough and you may be tempted to add just a little more.  DON’T DO IT!  The recommended dosage is more than enough to cure your goldfish.

Some manufactures sell a concentrate that is even stronger. Therefore for these products one drop in one gallon of water is not recommended.  As per the experts, 0.05 milligram dosage of malachite green treatment per litre of water is the safe quantity.

When White Spot Disease (Ich fish disease) is diagnosed early, effective treatment implemented, and stress is kept to a minimum, mortality rates tend to be much lower. However, if the parasite infection is advanced and the Malachite treatment is not followed properly, higher death rates will occur.

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API Liquid Super Ick Cure
API Liquid Super Ick Cure

Another recommended treatment for Ich fish disease is API Super Ick Cure

Check out the video below from an actual user who tells you more about how to treat white spots using the API Super Ick Cure.

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Take the time to regularly observe your goldfish. You’ll notice any changes in the behavior of your fish and identify the symptoms of Ich fish disease early, allowing you to start treatment giving  your fish the best chance of survival.

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