Taking Care of Goldfish When It Comes to Sleep

Taking Care of Goldfish
Looking closely you’ll notice goldfish lose some luster and color when they sleep at night.

When taking care of goldfish many think of feeding, housing and keeping their tank clean. Those are all very important aspects of taking care of your fish but there other points that must not be ignored in order to raise healthy and happy goldfish. This article will focus on a much smaller fact.

Taking care of goldfish is really not so hard when you think about what they actually need to stay in top notch shape. Humans need food, exercise, housing, clean surroundings and sleep to function well.

Believe it or not goldfish need the very same things. They especially need the latter, sleep.

How do you know if your fish are sleeping?

If there is quiet time (usually at night), you may notice your goldfish at the bottom of the aquarium all comfy among some plants or rocks. Don’t be fooled, many think fish are always awake because they do not have eyelids. However, this is a myth and you can consider it busted. Actually, if you look closely you will notice goldfish lose some luster and color when they are asleep at night.

For goldfish to grow to their full potential and have the best color they can develop, it is not only important that they get sufficient exercise but they must be sure to get their beauty rest as well. To make sure your fish get their rest, turn off the light during evening hours and let your fish sleep.

If you choose to leave the light on, the goldfish will either sleep for shorter periods of time or even largely go without rest.

Lack of sleep could result in:

  • Less active fish
  • Less vibrant color
  • Shorter life-spans

No one would want to be a direct reason or cause of harm to their little goldfish, so this is definitely something to give attention.

Just like you, goldfish need to get some shut-eye too. When taking care of goldfish it is important to shut the tank light off at night so that your goldfish can get some sleep too.

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