Koi Pond Fountains And Who Has The Best Floating Aerating System?

pond fountains
Aerating pond fountains oxygenate the water enabling plants and fish to flourish

You think you have everything needed for the perfect pond – filters, air pumps, beautiful plants, pond supplies.  There is one more very important element.  A Koi Pond Fountain

Koi Pond fountains – reasons they are needed

Pond fountains can make the difference between a pond overrun with algae and mosquitoes or a beautiful pond that provides a healthy environment for fish and decorative water plants.

  • Oxygenating the water with a fountain breaks down the decaying matter on which algae thrives and helps plants flourish. Algae robs water of oxygen and as the dead algae decays it causes wide fluctuations of pH.
  • Pond fountains create water movement, the ripples across the water will reduce the mosquito population.  Movement of water prevents the breeding of parasites and pests that thrive in stagnant water.
floating fountain
Kasco JF series floating fountain

The 3 most important features of a Koi pond fountain

  1. They stop sludge, odor and algae build up. Quite simply, the pond fountains oxygenate the water in your pond, therefore preventing the growth of anaerobic bacteria. The additional oxygen in the water keeps your pond crystal clear and fresh.
  2. They reduce mosquitoes. The continuous water movement prevents stagnation and stops the breeding of mosquitoes.
  3. Koi pond fountains keep water levels in check. The fountain can maintain its position in the pond no matter what your water level may be. This is done with the addition of weights attached to the mooring ropes. With 5 different spray nozzles that come with the Kasco JF series floating fountain, the spray pattern can be adjusted to ever changing conditions and your personal style.

This video of Koi Pond fountain ideas demonstrates the different styles available from which to choose

Interested to learn more about this stunning koi pond fountain, click here.

(Kasco Marine 5.1VFX 400 floating aerating fountain)

Pond fountains are available in a variety of styles and water patterns.

The most common water patterns include:

Crown and geyser:  This style has numerous small geysers emerging from a bigger geyser forming a pattern that resembles a crown, all shooting water into the open space.

Geyser:   This pattern is simple. Its vertical design allows the water to shoot into the air to help in the aeration of the pond.

Volcano:  This style enables the water to bubble over in a pattern that resembles a volcano that is erupting.

Plume:  This design is styled in a way that allows the spouts constructed on it to shoot water in a plumage style

A Koi Pond fountain that’s solar powered

When considering installing a solar powered Koi pond fountain, there are several options available.

The most common fountains to choose for your fish are:

The Solar Lily Pad Fountain

This type of fountain creates a beautiful scene by drifting slowly across the pond water and sprouting the water into the air up to a height of around 16 inches in the presence of direct sunlight. This fountain derives its energy from a solar panel that uses a pump and filter. It doesn’t require wiring during installation which makes it simple to work with.

Gaiam Solar Island Fountain

This is a fountain that’s best kept for the purpose of relaxation and aeration of the pond. It produces beautiful sounds that are gentle and relaxing to listen to. This fountain is capable of pluming water into the sky and in the presence of direct sunlight the height can go to about 17 inches. This fountain comes in a variety of fountainheads from which you can choose.

The fountains are usually the spray type also known as fountain jets. If your Koi pond fountain is a spray type, it’s important to have it kept in a sheltered position to prevent water from being blown out of the fountain by wind, also avoiding disruption of the spray pattern.

These fountains are the best for your backyard ponds making your water look attractive.

Your pond fountains will maintain its cleanliness by the constant flow of water providing the best healthy environment for your fish and plants to thrive.

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