Best Goldfish Food and What Not To Do

The best food for goldfish needs to contain vital nutrients for body metabolism. Food should be balanced, of good nutritional value and feed twice daily.
1. Feeding Tips
2. Goldfish Flakes
3. Goldfish Pellets
4. Algae Wafers
5. Repashy Soilent Green
6. Food for Fry – Brine Shimp Eggs
7. Fancy Goldfish Foood
8. Fruit and vegetables
9. Aquatic Plants
10. Caution – What not to do
11. Vacation food

best food for goldfish including organic options

Goldfish act as if they’re are always hungry and tend to eat as much food as offered. It’s up to the owner to regulate the amount and types of food given at feeding time.

1. Feeding Tips

Feeding your goldfish is an easy process because they’re omnivores. This means goldfish will eat not only plants but animal tissues as well.


Goldfish aren’t choosy when it comes to what they’ll eat. If the food item is small enough to fit into their mouth they’ll consume it with very few exceptions. Even though they’ll eat anything, not everything is necessarily good for goldfish.

How often should you feed goldfish?

It’s best to feed 2 times a day.


If feeding twice a day feed an amount of food that can be consumed within 2 minutes.

If feeding once a day only feed the amount they can completely consume in 5 – 10 minutes.


Don’t overfeed. It’s easy to overfeed goldfish. They like to eat and always appear to be hungry.

Feed goldfish at a regular time daily

2 reasons regular feeding time is important are

  1. you’ll find the fish eager and waiting for their meal, and
  2. it’s easier to spot a fish that shows no interest in feeding indicating something is wrong.

Mealtime is essential for healthy goldfish. Taking care of their needs should be handled properly every day. Remember, they’re totally dependent on you.

Feeding goldfish nutritious food doesn’t require a lot of money.

They eat just a small pinch of food a day and are the most inexpensive of all pets as far as their nutritional needs are concerned. So it’s inexcusable for your goldfish to be malnourished and unhealthy when quality food is readily available.

2. Goldfish flakes

The most common food is goldfish flakes and many first time goldfish owners stay with the obvious choice of goldfish flakes. Cheap and fuss free, quality flakes meet nourishment requirements.


How to feed: Start by offering goldfish a small pinch of food. Continue offering as much food as the fish can eat in a 2-minute period, but only small amounts at a time. If any food remains in the water, try to remove it because this will stop excess food polluting the water.


Goldfish flakes are available in a variety of conveniently sized packages.

fish flakes

Some owners don’t realize that goldfish eat food other than flakes. Although flakes are a good choice a variety of food is beneficial and can be included in the goldfish diet.

3. Goldfish pellets

Goldfish pellets are readily available. Buy quality as some may not be nutritious enough to be used for every day feedings.


How to use:

  1. The pellets should be pre-soaked to ensure they don’t expand inside the goldfish. If the pellets expand after being eaten they’ll cause constipation issues.
  2. Goldfish will normally eat the pellets once or twice a day, depending on the size of the fish. The amount given will also vary. Larger fish may eat 8-10 pellets, while smaller fish will not be able to eat near that many.

Check ingredients and labels to see if the pellets are meant for mealtime or simply a snack.

pellets for goldfish
this is a quality organic fish food

Step up with these power products. Although they’re a little more expensive than flakes and pellets it’s worth trying these occasionally, giving your fish a treat.

4. Algae wafers

Optimized vegetable and protein content make these power packed wafers one of the best foods. They provide your goldfish with the nutrients for optimal health and growth.


Goldfish like to eat algae and you’ll find them snacking on green algae that builds up in the fish tank.