How The QuietFlow Filter Improves Your Goldfish Tank

The benefits

The Aqueon Quiet Flow Power Filter uses multiple levels of filtration to produce healthy, clean water so your fish will thrive.

The objective is to improve water quality to support a healthy environment for the fish. The tank filters should maintain clarity of the water and therefore the attractiveness of the aquarium.

There’s no need for additional valves because the Aqueon increases oxygen in the water by forming bubbles continuously.

Much less noise compared to other motor-run filter systems, living up to its name the ‘quiet flow power filter’.

Cheap ..the best part – it’s under $40.

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How does the Aqueon Power Filter work?

Clean, healthy tank water is the result of a filtration system that incorporates mechanical, chemical, biological and a specialty filter pad system.


1.Dense floss installed in the filter removes debris, fish waste and any other unwanted particles from the water. It attracts these particles and on