Pond Plants – Why Are They Beneficial?

Updated September 2018

Aquatic pond plants, also scientifically known as hydrophytes, have unique characteristics. They’re an essential component for your pond releasing oxygen the plants and fish need to survive.

There’s a noteworthy growth relationship between plants and water as they depend on each other.

They have a growth trait where they grow best when submerged in clean, fresh water.  Don’t confuse clean water with easy living.  Why?  Because these plants live in a highly hostile and active environment.

how pond plants affect fish
Pond plants benefit the ecosystem.

Aquatic plants are living in an environment where they’re in constant competition for light, shade and nutrients between themselves and other living organisms. This results in rapid growth rates and strong dispersal mechanisms.

4 benefits for your pond

  1. Because their leaves come in different colors, they add beauty to your pond. Contrary to what most people think, aquatic plants are available with a wide variety of leaf color. Apart from green you’ll find these beauties in red, yellow or even purple.
  2. The pond plants are not only beautiful but are vital to the fish. They release oxygen the fish and plants need in order to survive. Without the aquatic plants, the fish would never survive. Therefore the oxygen helps the fish to stay healthy.  When the oxygen releases into the water, it guarantees survival or life. Note though this oxygen only accounts for a very low percentage contained in the water. You will need to aerate the water with a pump.
  3. They provide hiding places for the fish to breed and grow. The leaves and roots provide perfect shade for the fish to lay their eggs. They also provide cover for their young ones to grow.
  4. Their stems can be trimmed and sold to pet stores. And as they tend to grow rapidly, they can be trimmed from time-to-time. Therefore a constant supply is assured. A wonderful and essential addition to your pond.

If you’re pond has Koi fish, they will ‘dig’ and uproot plants. Discourage the fish from digging up the roots by putting a layer of pea gravel and river rock over the dirt.

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