What’s the Perfect Temperature for Goldfish Water?

The temperature of your water can have a huge effect on your fish, and really means the difference between fish that are happy and healthy and fish that are slow, lethargic, stressed and susceptible to disease.


When you first start keeping goldfish there are a few things to take into account. Tank size, food options and filtration. But the most important is the best water for goldfish.

goldfish water temperature

So what’s the best water temperature for goldfish, and in what circumstances might you need to adjust the set temperature? Goldfish water optimal range  is 23 to 24 degrees centigrade.

The Ideal Range

Goldfish are often considered to be tropical fish, as they’re certainly not cold water fish, but is this really a true description?


While goldfish can live in temperatures as high as 30 degrees centigrade, experts recommend keeping them in water that’s between 23 and 24 degrees. This brings them into the middle ground between being cold water fish and tropical fish.


Then the question is, ‘why do the fish thrive in a water temperature range that’s a little cooler than the average tropical fish needs?’


The answer is simple. Goldfish can become stressed in higher temperatures, and yet they draw their energy from the water. They’re powered by it.


If you were to look at a fish living in water heated to 15 degrees, and a fish living in water of 25 degrees, you’d notice huge differences. Allowing for similarities in health, age, and size the fish in the warmer water would almost certainly be a faster swimmer, and there would also be a number of advantages you couldn’t physically see, such as better digestion and a stronger immune system for warding off disease.