Goldfish Problems Solved

Goldfish Problems – Dealing with Potential Problems

Goldfish Problems Solved
A clean tank is the first step in goldfish care

First time owners can find it difficult distinguishing a goldfish problem from normal changes in goldfish.

It is important not to begin a treatment process that requires medication until the problem has been truly diagnosed.

Treating goldfish with unnecessary or wrong antibiotics can be very harmful, if not deadly. Before medication, it might be helpful clean or change the environment.

Goldfish health problems and treatments

Changes in color of your goldfish

A common issue that causes concern is the change in color of  goldfish. Important to note is that many goldfish will naturally change color over time.

  • Change in color is not a sure sign of disease or infection.

Black spots on the fins

If black spots on the fins are noticed, it can be a sign of ammonia burns. This is actually one of the quite common goldfish problems. Goldfish tend to be messy and dirty fish. If their tanks are not cleaned, toxins will build up from the fish waste and these toxins can cause ammonia burns.

When black is noticed on the goldfish, it is a sign that the infection is in the healing process.


  • The only necessary action is to clean the tank and test the water to make sure the ammonia and nitrate levels are stable.

Goldfish bobbing up and down in the water

Goldfish problems where you find your fish bobbing up and down in the water are normally food related. This problem cannot be cured by a fish medication.

The problem may be caused by the digestive tract being blocked.


  • Soaking fish pellets in water before feeding them to the goldfish can help reduce the chances of the digestive tract becoming blocked.
  • Feeding the goldfish peas can help remedy the problem. Duckweed and green vegetables may also help with digestive problems.

The problem may not be treatable. It is necessary to monitor the situation to determine if suffering is becoming an issue.

Swim bladder disorder

Swim bladder disorder is another very common goldfish problem. Swim bladder disorder is usually caused by constipation or overfeeding.

Symptoms include

  • the goldfish floating to the top of the tank or hanging out at the bottom
  • fish may struggle when swimming, and may not move around
  • swim bladder may also be caused by trauma.


  • peas are great for helping with constipation issues for goldfish.
  • overfeeding can be corrected by feeding the goldfish only what is necessary
  • swim bladder disorder can usually be improved by changing the diet
  • medication should be used as a last resort only.

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Diagnosis sickness as early as possible is important to have the very best chance of remedying the situation for your pet.

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