Why Does Your Pond Require Aerated Water?

aerated water
enhanced oxygenation benefits aquatic life helping maintain clear water, better smelling and overall clean pond

There are an abundance of living organisms in the body of water you see in your pond.

Your goldfish together with plants and algae all live and feed on the different types of organisms floating in the water. All life is vitally dependent on oxygen and oxygen is essential for a healthy pond environment.

In an aerated pond, a compressor is used to provide oxygen through the process of diffused aeration.

According to Wikipedia, ponds for keeping aquatic animals often rely on aeration to maintain a sufficient level of oxygenation in the water. This can be achieved by pumping air into the water and allowing it to bubble to the surface; or by a fountain jet agitating the water. Both these methods create an agitated, large amount of surface area between the water and the air, thus allowing the transfer of gases.

Wave action on the shores of large bodies of water can provide aeration of the water in the vicinity, thus providing enhanced oxygenation which can benefit various aquatic lifeforms.

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What is water aeration?

Aeration is the process of adding air into something. In a pond there are several things that happen during the aeration process. It ensures an even distribution of temperature within the water. At times the temperature may have a tendency to divide into a layer of cold water below and a layer of warm water on the top part of the water.

Also those debris like particles, leaves, etc that settle at the bottom of the pond naturally decompose in presence of oxygen.

The benefits of having a pond with aerated water

air compressor
air compressor

There are basically two major reasons for keeping your pond aerated.

  • Fish in your pond need to be comfortable and safe, while plants, which survive in the pond require proper plant growth conditions. Aeration is important in maintaining water temperature. During winter when there is a possibility that water will freeze, circulation of water allows for even distribution of heat. This is achieved through moving warm water to places within the pond to mix with the cold water, mostly at the bottom of the pond. In summer cold water is made to sink while warm water, which may harm aquatic life, is maintained at the top.
  • The other important benefit of aerated water in your pond is to quicken the decomposition process. Organic matter, debris and fallen leaves may cause unpleasant odors as well as dirt and murky water within the pond. Decomposition of this matter occurs properly in the presence of oxygen. This will help in maintaining clear water, better smelling and a overall clean pond. There will be reduced dredging to remove accumulated muck and decaying matter.

Installation of an air compressor is the best way to provide aerated water and keep your pond sparkling.

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