Is a Biological Water Filter Supplement Worth Using?

This is a biological water conditioner which contains carefully selected strains of useful bacteria.


After almost 20 years of research and testing, Nutrafin Cycle is setting, yet again, new standards in biotechnology powerfully reducing ammonia and nitrite with this product. It’s an aquarium essential for helping to keep fish as healthy as possible.

product review of Nutrafin Cycle
biological water conditioner is a powerhouse for tanks

What does Nutrafin Cycle do?

Nutrafin Cycle helps minimize aquarium maintenance by reducing waste in gravel, power filters, decorations and on interior aquarium surfaces.


Waste control rapidly reduces organic waste from overfeeding, fish waste and other decaying material. During rapid organic waste breakdown ammonia levels rise.


Using Nutrafin Cycle biological supplement is recommended because it controls and prevents potential increased ammonia and nitrite levels, at the same time supporting optimal water quality and clean aquarium conditions.


  • Acts in tank water to keep aquarium and fish healthy
  • It releases an amount of the beneficial bacteria into your aquarium that prevents fish loss
  • It's safe for plants, animals and humans and impossible to overdose
  • Provides clear, odour free, high quality water

This product was established to create the appropriate beneficial bacterium environment as well as boosting the nitrification cycle.


The result: fish experience decreased stress as well as a reduction in the risk of unwanted diseases. Additionally, Nutrafin Cycle will prevent the collapsing nitrifying filter.


Instructions for use

  • Make sure you shake the concentration well before use
  • When you want to set up a new aquarium, mix 10 ml of nutrafin cycle and 10 gallons of water. Repeat these directions every 7 days for 2 weeks. Then you can switch to a weekly maintenance dosage by adding 5 ml of the liquid to 10 gallons of water.
  • If you've a marine system doubling up on the dosage is recommended (salt water)
  • When you want to add a new fish to your aquarium, make sure fish is safe by mixing 5 ml up to 10 ml of the liquid in 10 gallons of water.
  • Medication : Make sure you remove medication through normal filtration method before applying the Nutrafin Cycle. Then mix 10 ml of Nutrafin cycle to 10 gallons of water. You can then switch to a weekly maintenance dosage.


This concentration is guaranteed to have a minimum shelf life of 3 years if stored properly.  For best storage avoid freezing and high temperatures above 120 degrees fahrenheit.