Algae Wafers – The Perfect Snack For Your Goldfish

power packed food for goldfish
supplement for goldfish

Most goldfish like to have an occasional “snack” and algae is a good one.


One of the best ways to provide this for your fish is with algae wafers. These are small discs (or wafers) made of compressed vegetable matter and multiple algae.

Why we recommend algae wafers

Vegetable and protein content is optimized to provide your goldfish with the nutrients they need for optimal health and growth. This is like a power bar for your goldfish.

4 big benefits of this fish food

1.The discs are designed to sink rapidly to the bottom of the aquarium while retaining the shape of the disc. This allows less aggressive goldfish to have an opportunity to feed on the discs without having to fight for them with other goldfish.

2. They don’t cloud the water 

3. Algae wafers bring the power packed vegetables and proteins right to where your goldfish feed – the bottom of your aquarium.

4. they’re sold in sturdy re-sealable pouches.

How many wafers do you feed your goldfish?

You need to be careful not to over feed the goldfish with wafers.

Only add the amount of wafers that your goldfish will be able to eat completely within an hour.

If all the wafers haven’t been eaten remove them from the aquarium to prevent the goldfish from overeating and possibly causing the water to become cloudy.

The original developer of the algae wafer is Hikari and they’re generally regarded as the finest algae wafers available for purchase.

So give your goldfish algae wafers to help keep them healthy, happy and satisfied.

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