Are Artificial Plants And Flowers Better Than Live Plants For Your Goldfish?

Goldfish plant care takes a little decision making. Whether to decorate your aquarium with live plants or artificial plants and flowers?  If you want your goldfish to live fun, happy lives then you need to provide them with a great atmosphere. Do you enjoy nice decorations in your home? Well, so do goldfish and you’ll notice your fish interact with them quite quickly.

Fish experts all agree goldfish are not kind to living plants. Goldfish tend to snack on living plants like we snack on food when we get hungry. Many believe that artificial plants are a better option than living plants because you don’t have to worry about consumption.

decorated aquarium with artificial plants
Goldfish are not kind to living plants, they like to snack on them and will need more aquarium maintenance

Living plants can require more work than taking care of the goldfish themselves.

They need constant attention. If not handled correctly living plants will die causing more work for you in aquarium maintenance, scooping out the debris of what used to be a living plant.

Although maintaining the plants is a lot of work, it can be done. The choice between artificial plants and living plants depends on how much time are you willing to spend on maintaining your fish tank.

If you are new to goldfish plant care and housing goldfish, you may want to start off using artificial plants and flowers. A newbie fish caretaker needs to understand and learn how to maintain an aquarium successfully and how goldfish react to different disturbances before becoming a freshwater botanist.

Learning how to grow live plants and defending them from your goldfish can be challenging.

Another reason to choose artificial plants is that there is such variety to choose from and several are so well made that they look like the real thing.

A word of caution however, the cheaper the artificial plants you buy, the more plastic they will look.

The choice depends on the amount of time you have and effort you want to make for your goldfish.

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