Is Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner A Fish Tank Necessity?

water conditioner for fish tanks
Want healthy fish? Use this water conditioner to treat the water

Yes. If you haven’t heard of Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner take a moment to read this article as it might be the best thing you could do for your goldfish.

When watching your pet fish swim in dashes through their tank or sucker down a fresh pile of food flakes, it’s easy to think of them as hearty. Despite the way they can push each other about in a fight to see who can eat the most in 5 seconds, fish are actually fairly delicate pets and it’s easy to upset their health.

Fish owners must remember this. Instead of expecting fish to tolerate straight tap water, use a water conditioner for fish, like Nutrafin aqua plus, to treat their aquarium water.

Tap water is heavily treated with harsh chemicals like chlorine to make it safe for human consumption. This can be fatal for our fish to swim through.

  1. Nutrafin’s water conditioner neutralizes chloramine and chlorine as well as traces of metals that are toxic like copper and lead that are found in pipes. It’s easy to forget that these chemicals are in the same tap water that the town water department swears you can drink.
water conditioner for aquariums
make water safe for fish

A special herbal blend

2. There’s a special herbal blend in Nutrafin Aqua Plus that’s been proven to safely relax your fish. The reduction of stress makes a great difference when transporting fish, whether moving to a new house or a new tank. Even the process of having their tank water changed can overexcite them. A relaxed fish is always a healthier fish.

*Special Conditioner

3. This conditioner coats scales and fins to protect against injuries. There’s little more alarming than noticing a scrape on your fish’s scales or a tear in their fins, damage which can occur just from playing in the tank. Sticking a band-aid on them once something has happened is impossible, so it’s important to take steps that will prevent accidents from happening.

4. It’s intended for either freshwater or saltwater tanks so whether you have a Goldie or a Nemo, put water conditioner on your list of must-haves. Aquarium Water Conditioner, Nutrafin Aqua Plus, is a lot more important than getting a new sunken ship for them to play in.

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How much to use

Shake well before using.

To Remove Chlorine: 5 mL treats 10 gallons.
To Remove Chloramine: 10 mL treats 10 gallons.
To Protect Scales & Fins: 10 mL treats 10 gallons (double quantity for saltwater aquariums)
Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical advice.