Why Is Pea Gravel The Best Gravel For Your Goldfish Tanks?

Updated November 2018

gravel for aquariums
Underwater plants can be easily planted. Their root system grows between gravel pieces

One of our readers recently asked about Pea Gravel, so I thought I’d take the time to explain what it is and why it’s good to have gravel in your tanks and aquariums.


This type of pebble has rounded edges and the smallest pebbles have a size of around 4 millimeters. They have a number of uses including decorating fish tanks.

4 Reasons for choosing Pea Gravel

  1. It’s the most widely available gravel you can buy.
  2. With the use of pea sized gravel you’ll not have to be concerned about the possibility of gravel getting stuck in the mouth of your goldfish. This is a problem I’ve seen when a small sized gravel was used as the water bed for a tank. Pea sized gravel is the perfect size as it is large enough to avoid this problem.
  3.  Underwater plants can be planted rather easily in the gravel. The plant’s root system is able to grow in between the gravel pieces, avoiding suffocation of the roots. The space available in the gaps of the gravel is large and provides adequate aeration. This doesn’t allow toxic gas pockets to be formed.
  4. Cleaning a fish tank bedded with pea sized gravel is quite easy with the use of a gravel vacuum. Make sure the gravel is packed densely enough to stop the waste from settling on the face of the gravel rather than sinking into the pockets on the tank floor.

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