Goldfish Care: Administering Medication The Safe Way!

isolate the sick fish and treat as soon as possible
isolate the sick fish in a separate tank set up and treat as soon as possible

If your goldfish becomes diseased immediate action is needed. Failure to treat goldfish quickly can have devastating results. A vital part of goldfish care is being aware of health issues that can afflict them. Little sick goldfish, left untreated, could become sicker and even die.

Administering medications may be needed in order to save a life.

Is it better to use home remedies or commercial remedies? If you are new to treating goldfish that are sick it’s best to use a commercial remedy that you can buy.

Some experts advise using potassium permanganate or malachite green to treat your fish.

These chemicals need to be handled carefully and in EXACT dosages.If you were to make a mistake and give your sick goldfish too much, you risk killing your fish faster than the disease.

When attempting to administer medicated food to your goldfish it is imperative that it is only consumed by the sick goldfish.The goal is not to over-medicate the other healthy fish that are just simply going about life.

That is why it is recommended to quarantine any sick fish in a separate tank (or your hospital tank) so that they are the only ones being medicated.

To read more about Malachite green treatment, click on this link.

When taking care of goldfish health it is important to keep in mind that healthy goldfish rarely get sick.

This means that if your fish are getting sick it is usually because of:

  • Bad food
  • Bad lighting
  • Poor water conditions

This is just a short list of things that could cause your goldfish to fall into a weakened state. It is a good idea to carefully perform regular maintenance on your aquarium so that your goldfish stay strong and healthy.

If your are new to goldfish care and realize you have sick goldfish on your hands, research the symptoms, isolate the sick fish and treat as soon as possible.

Be sure to follow all directions exactly – especially if you are housing more fancy goldfish so that you don’t cause even more harm.

Goldfish health care depends on your decision making, so be mindful when administering medications.