A beginner aquarist? Are you searching for reliable information to diagnose the problem with your goldfish? Is your goldfish lying in a corner of the tank, not eating, or showing signs of illness? If your answer is ‘yes’ you’re in the right place. Read on because you’ll find out how to look after goldfish with tips and techniques that have proven their worth.

Water quality is starting place

In well-aerated water as little as 1% by volume of water may contact oxygen. Goldfish obtain oxygen by extracting it from their habitat.

The most popular way of providing aeration is by an airstone attached to an airline. It generates a stream of bubbles which draws water to the surface as they rise.

When it comes to the size of bubbles produced by the airstone you don’t want too fine a mist, or big bubbles racing to the surface. Just a steady stream of tiny to medium-sized bubbles that take their time going upwards giving them time to add oxygen to the water.

The aquarium needs to be set up in a way that it’s never deficient of oxygen. Carbon dioxide is a by-product of respiration and an excessive amount of gas in the tank is dangerous to goldfish. When water is circulated, harmful carbon dioxide is carried to the surface and released into the atmosphere.

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Goldfish Care

A beginners guide with tips for choosing healthy fish. Eyes, skin and the tank they come from will give clues to their health. Healthy fish survive the stress of moving and thrive in a new environment


Sick Goldfish

Is your goldfish gasping for air, swimming in unusual patterns, refusing to eat, displaying skin issues or usual eye appearance? These are signs of distress. Diagnose these quickly and the good news is these problems can be treated.


Goldfish Diseases

Recognising the symptoms of stress and disease in your fish means treating them quickly to improve the condition and outcome. Flukes, white spot, tail or fin rot, dropsy, constipation some of the most common.

Food for Goldfish

Knowing what not to do is as important as feeding the best goldfish food. You might be surprised to find that not soaking goldfish pellets before feeding can cause serious issues


Best Aquarium Filter

Are you confused about water filters? Here's how to choose the best fish tank filter system for your tank. Best canister filter, external filter, sponge filter, trickle filter, fluidized, under gravel filter, diatomic filters -their best uses and when needed

Best Aquarium Water Conditioner

Water conditioner is essential and there's lots of choice. But if you're wanting the best choose one that provides additional benefits to the goldfish like coating scales and fins to protect them and relaxes fish.

Betta Fish

Female bettas live quite well together. Males not so much and need individual tanks or with other on-agressive fish. Common ailments affecting Bettas are fin rot and ich.

Comet Goldfish

The forked tail is at least 3/4 of their body length and a distinguishing feature of fast, agile comet goldfish. Comets are hardy and fertile making these good fish to breed.

White Spot on Fish

Also know as Ich, this is a common disease caused by parasites. White spots are about the size of a grain of sugar on skin, fins and gills. It can be treated successfully at home

Goldfish Facts

If you've been wondering why so many goldfish are orange, where they come from or how long you can expect your fish to live, this page is for you.

poor sick goldfish

Dropsy in Goldfish

A disease that attacks stressed fish when their immune system is compromised. Fish appear swollen with pine-cone like appearance. Treatment is possible, prevention always being the top option

Aquarium Salt

It works. Treat fin rot with aquarium salt. The salt bath is an 'old-fashioned' effective treatment for goldfish fungus, ich and other malignancies. The 'how to' is easy

Building a Goldfish Pond

7 easy step by step instructions for creating your own backyard koi pond project. Keep it simple with this diy project that produces a stunning water feature

Koi Pond Pumps

The best pond pump is determined by the size of the pond. Submersible pumps are economical and practical for smaller ponds (to 1000 gallons). External pumps are energy efficient and tough.

Koi Pond Construction

Your 'need to know' before starting to build a koi pond. Maintenance tips and recommended pond water treatment products.

Malachite Green

If you notice your fish rubbing up against objects, white spots or even red spots around the gills your fish may have ich. Green malachite treatment can help

Fish Tank Cleaning

How to keep your fish tank clean in 5 steps. Clean the tank, gravel and accessories once a week. Filters should be cleaned every 2/3 weeks. Clean filters using removed dirty tank water to keep beneficial bacteria

Garden Pond Fish

Wondering which fish to put in a pond, here's your guide. Ponds and water gardens 50 to 500 gallons suit goldfish. Ponds over 500 gal are best for Koi, Mixing koi and different goldfish types is fine


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