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Find out the basics for taking care of your goldfish. Tips for choosing healthy fish,feeding and tank filtration.


Sick Goldfish

Is your goldfish gasping for air, swimming in unusual patterns, refusing to eat, displaying skin issues or usual eye appearance? These are signs of distress. Diagnose these quickly and the good news is these problems can be treated.



Step by step instructions for creating your own backyard koi pond project.



Fish tank maintenance and steps showing you how to clean a dirty aquarium.



About aquarium filters and how to choose the best filter system for your tank.



Find out how to diagnose and treat flukes, dropsy, white spots,bacterial infection and more.

Goldfish Facts

If you've been wondering why so many goldfish are orange, where they come from or how long you can expect your fish to live, this page for you.

Comet Goldfish

The forked tail is at least 3/4 of their body length and a distinguishing feature of fast, agile comet goldfish. Comets are hardy and fertile making these good fish to breed.

Food for Goldfish

Nutrient rich goldfish food is necessary for reducing digestive problems. But did you know that not soaking goldfish pellets before feeding can cause serious issues

‘How to Care for Goldfish’     The complete guide e book


Goldfish have been filling people’s lives and homes with beauty since ancient times. In fact even before 1000 AD, many Chinese aristocrats loved the elegant appearance of fish swimming in carefully cultivated ponds. Through selective breeding they created what we now know as goldfish.


The popularity of this beautiful fish as a pet has exploded over the years and now hundreds of thousands of people have goldfish as pets around the world.


People are drawn to these graceful fish for many reasons. They aren’t noisy or demanding of frequent attention which makes them perfect for pet owners who have busy schedules, low mobility, or simply prefer a quieter lifestyle.


However, having goldfish can still provide all the wonderful psychological benefits of pet ownership. Throughout the ages, people have discovered the charming personalities of goldfish. Despite their longevity many aspects of goldfish care have, up until now, been a mystery.


Here are some other things you’ll learn from the ‘How to Care for Goldfish’ book.

  • What exactly is the difference between a fishbowl and a tank, anyway?
  • How do you care for pregnant goldfish? How do you even know they are pregnant in the first place?
  • Which fresh vegetables can be added to their diet for balanced health?
  • Is there a difference between 2-tailed and 1-tailed goldfish? Do they require different types of care?
  • What types of goldfish can be kept in the same tank or habitat?
  • What is an “aquarist”?
  • Can you have an outdoor pond for goldfish in cold climates?
  • Balancing water quality and nutrients. How do ammonia, nitrite and nitrates affect water purity and fish?

You’ll also find a ton of interesting goldfish trivia in Chapter 6, to enrich your relationship with your pet and make having goldfish even more fun.

Although fish can be very convenient pets for those who can’t commit to animals like dogs or cats, they do have sensitive bodily systems that require exacting surroundings. ‘How To Care For Goldfish’ is the most comprehensive guide when it comes to taking care of the most popular domesticated aquatic life in the world. With this book, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done all that’s necessary to give your pet a comfortable, healthy, stimulating home